Build your own custom lighting with LEDs for under $150

A few months back, we showed you how to build your own lights with a bumper kit third brake light/running light. This time, we’ll show you a quick way to customize your own lights with LEDs. LEDs are the hottest and easiest aftermarket transformation that you can do to just about any newer-style vehicle, but what if they’re not available for your particular car or truck? The solution is at your local “truck stop” with different styles and sizes available over the counter. Now this isn’t intended as a major modification; we’re just shedding a little light on a cool budget trick that you can do on a weekend for under 150 bucks.

One of the biggest and yet smallest details that you can do to accent your vehicle is the addition of lighted ornaments. Lowriders have always been into “lighting up.” Back in the early ’70s, clearance lights would be taken from semis to light up a lowrider’s undercarriage. While some may think that under-car lighting such as neon and LEDs (light emitting diodes) is new to the scene, vehicle lighting has not changed all that much over the years.