During one of our editorial meetings the Lowrider Magazine staff were talking about replacement carpets for classic cars. A few ideas on how to “change out” the carpet were thrown around. You can buy a roll of carpet and lay it out quite nicely, but it’s not the same as using a molded kit. After debating the subject, we all agreed that a molded carpet kit from Auto Custom Carpets (or ACC) was the way to go. This company has been around for years and has earned a good reputation for their quality replacement carpets and affordable prices.

Once the editorial meeting was over, we went to Azteca Audio and Video in South Gate, California, where Mauricio Aguilar showed us a semi-restored (but totally classic) ’64 Chevy Impala which was going to receive a new ACC carpet treatment. Like the Boy Scouts, we automotive photojournalists are taught to be prepared, so we proceeded to bust out our cameras and document the install for the benefit of our readers. Now let us show you how the pros at Azteca Audio and Video install a carpet kit in a classic car. ,