During the course of any Lowrider build there are certain aspects that can truly make or break a build. The cooling system is one aspect that deserves some of the most attention because without proper cooling your engine can’t maintain it’s operating temperature. Without your engine being able to keep it’s cool, this could eventually lead to catastrophic engine failure and or melt down.

In order to replace a tired old original radiator out of a 1966 Chevy Malibu, we gave our friends at U.S. Radiator Corp a call to get the best of the best. U.S. Radiator has been around for over 40 years and is dedicated to providing the best cooling solutions to the high performance automotive market through constant extensive research and development.

us radiators radiator core 002

For our build we decided to go with an aluminum radiator due to the better cooling properties. Since aluminum does a better job, the radiators require a lesser amount of rows for cooling. Most manufacturers of aluminum radiators out there build fully fabricated radiators, which are made of bent up flat sheet metal. However, U.S. Radiator Corp. has taken their cooling product to the next level as they actually stamp out aluminum tanks in order to retain the more factory look. Because there’s nothing worse than having a part as big as a radiator look out of place when you’re trying to keep a classic style looking classic as well as cool in your engines compartment.

Keeping your Bel Air or Caprice cool.

The install of our new aluminum U.S. Radiator went as smoothly as you could ever hope for. The fit and finish is just as if it came from the factory that way. The research and development that they did made this install a simple one that could be easily done in an afternoon. In no time we were cruise ready and back out on the road. Once we were on the road in our Low ride we discovered the amazing better-than-factory cooling performance of our new U.S. Radiator Corp. radiator!! We were looking cool and cruising cool at the same time!

For only the best Radiator out there for your classic, visit www.usradiators.com.

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