When it comes to the heart and soul of a vehicle, some will point to the engine, while others point to the paint or the wheels, but what really matters is an easily overlooked component called your radiator. The radiator leaves such a small footprint in your engine bay that it often becomes overshadowed. But with all things considered, it truly is the heart and soul of your ride.

Think about it.

You can have a full frame-off restoration with the rarest parts and the best paint, but if you can’t get it to the show or cruise the boulevard for longer than an hour, then what good is it? Seriously, the radiator keeps your car running at an optimum temperature and it’s what protects that motor from burning up and becoming inoperable.

us radiators core

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, there is one company you should already know—U.S. Radiator. Based out of Vernon, California, U.S. Radiator has been around for well over 40 years and they continue to specialize in one thing: radiators.

Dedicated to the craft of creating and testing cooling systems, their product research and development division is an essential part of their never-ending quest to create the best radiators in the business. Considered by purists as the go-to brand when it comes to cooling hot rods, lowriders, race cars, and custom builds, U.S. Radiator also happens to be the industry standard for other niche markets, which includes Airport Tugs and baggage handling systems, municipal street sweeping equipment, fork lifts, and mobile hi-lift units. From wind machines, tractors, and tree shakers, the artisans at U.S. Radiator take pride in what they make and it’s with good reason. Their cooling systems are spotted everywhere from Paris to Dakar, the U.S. to the Middle East, and they’ve created a cult following of patrons who believe not only in their movement, but their products.

Produced in the USA by the same journeymen who design and assemble all of their products, their employees work on the full lineup of radiators that service different niche markets, like high-performance street rod, agriculture, custom car, and racing radiators. U.S. Radiator builds a finished product from concept to completion with the same exacting and precise quality that their brand was built upon. U.S. Radiator comes with original appearance, and OE mounting specs, they are application specific, and not a universal brand either. Their manufactured-in-the-USA proud products are die-stamped components that eliminate weld-related failures, while providing uniform high-standard quality.

us radiators heat exchanger

That said, when it came time to work on the cooling system for one of our project Cadillacs, it was a no-brainer to reach out and work with the best in the business. Now, considering the fact that the car was completely revamped with an LSA engine and new frontal supports for the frame, we needed a radiator with a few custom changes. To make the changes, we also drafted a hand-drawn sheet with the specs that were needed and where the inlets and outlets needed to be placed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Once complete, the radiator was built to supreme standards and it fit like a glove. In addition, the transmission cooler was built into the radiator and the final product looked incredible. That said, we’ll have added coverage on the performance of the radiator and we will also be looking at long-term testing. From years past, we’ve used U.S. Radiator products for numerous builds and to date they continue to run with ease. While we expect nothing less from this custom unit, the added coverage will serve as further proof that their dedication to their craft has paid off by creating a lineup of products that are second to none. Providing confidence for over 40 years, get your cool on.