When it comes to an exhaust system, MagnaFlow offers the best of both worlds, bringing you great performance and great sound! Using decades of experience, extensive research, and field testing, MagnaFlow develops and manufactures durable steel mufflers tuned to provide the proper amount of backpressure and a deep resonance-free tone.

MagnaFlow Exhaust is so confident in their muffler systems, that every part produced is guaranteed for life! MagnaFlow offers an entire line of performance tubing, tips, hardware, catalytic converters, and complete exhaust systems for any custom or classic ride. Why should you prefer MagnaFlow Exhaust? The fact that their exhaust systems do not trap heat and also include performance gains should be reason enough.

To prove that point, we took a full custom ’65 Impala show car with a high-performance engine and a custom painted underbelly over to their facility for a complete stainless system install. The owner of this special vehicle wanted to have the least amount of heat as possible, avoiding damage to a painted undercarriage from the exhaust’s heat. Other benefits of MagnaFlow kits are that they only come in stainless steel. That’s a plus because all you need to do is polish the tubing so you can have a show finish exhaust the next time your off the streets and up on jackstands at a car show. Now follow along as the pros at the MagnaFlow facility install a custom show exhaust on this customized Impala.

002 magnaflow exhaust install magnaflow exhaust system

003 magnaflow exhaust install magnaflow exhaust kit

01. & 02. This exhaust kit was built using their universal fit hot rod kit. This complete exhaust system was built and test fitted before it went back onto the car.

004 magnaflow exhaust install steel cutting

03. The 2 and 1/2-inch mandrel bent stainless steel was cut to fit.

005 magnaflow exhaust install exhaust fitting

04. Each part of the exhaust was fitted to make sure that nothing would be in the way.

006 magnaflow exhaust install header collector flange welding

05. The header collector flanges were welded to the exhaust tubing, allowing no restrictions.

007 magnaflow exhaust install pitman arm clearance

06. As you can see, the wheels were turned to the left to make sure that the Pitman arm cleared and would not interfere with the exhaust.

008 magnaflow exhaust install x flow section

07. To even out the flow and the engine tone from both sides of the engine, the exhaust system included an X-flow section.

009 magnaflow exhaust install stainless steel mufflers

08. The 2 and 1/2-inch stainless steel mufflers where held in place before they received the custom hangers.

010 magnaflow exhaust install deeds engineering hangers

09. The Deed’s Engineering hangers were custom made from solid aluminum on a CNC mill.

011 magnaflow exhaust install custom mounting brackets

10. Custom mounting brackets assured that the mufflers were in a very solid position to prevent any rattling while running.

012 magnaflow exhaust install rear up and over exhaust tubing

11. The rear up-and-over exhaust tubing was produced in two pieces.

013 magnaflow exhaust install exhaust system tightening

12. So far, the exhaust system was tightened down snug so that the rear part could be mocked up.

014 magnaflow exhaust install rear tip section

13. The rear tip section was routed to the outside of the frame.

015 magnaflow exhaust install exhaust install

14. The last piece of the exhaust went on with ease.

016 magnaflow exhaust install deeds hanger

15. The Deed’s hanger was bolted to the frame finishing up the install. With the exhaust system completely installed, all that was needed was to wipe off any residue that was left on the pipes.

017 magnaflow exhaust install

16. From every angle you can see, not only does this exhaust system have that car show look, it also performs and sounds like a muscle car too!

018 magnaflow exhaust install

17. This ’65 Impala was ready for the next step of its build.

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E3 Spark Plugs Tech Tip of the Month

Spark Plugs Just Aren’t What They Used to Be

There was a time that if your car’s idle had a miss to it, or the takeoff was hesitant, it was common to remove the spark plugs, clean the deposits off the ends with an emery cloth, or file the end of the electrode to restore the sharp edges. That practice has become less frequent from years past because cleaning with other tools such as a wire brush would leave traces of metal on the insulator, which would provide a weak conduction path and diminish the spark, therefore increasing emissions. The fact that plugs are so cheap relative to the labor cost, economics dictate replacement, particularly with modern long-life plugs. E3’s newly developed design is made for improved horsepower, increased fuel efficiency, and reduction in engine emissions. With decades of successful experience in spark plug engineering, E3 discovered an efficient new approach to the design of the spark plug’s electrode to allow for improved ignition of raw fuel inside the engine’s combustion chamber. This meant their spark plugs burned fuel more efficiently, improved power response, and cut toxic emissions drastically, and are guaranteed to last 100,000 miles! Today, E3 has separated themselves from other spark plug competitors and they remain dedicated to providing their numerous fans with a better burning spark plug.

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