FiTech Go Street EFI Throttle Body System – Release the Beast

Uncrate the full potential of your crate motor with FiTech

Hard starts. Priming. Praying. Gas fumes. Those have all become common rituals for anyone who owns a carbureted vehicle, but thanks to FiTech it can all be a thing of the past. With the release of their Go Street EFI Throttle Body EFI systems, owners of 350 crate motors can now have performance EFI at a fraction of the cost.

The Go Street EFI is a ready-to-run system that strays away from the programmable features and sticks to the basic functions necessary to get the best performance and economy out of your build.

Equipped with a self-learning hand computer means you no longer have to own—or lug around—a laptop, and installation of the Go Street EFI 400hp kit is really as easy as remove and replace. Once you’ve removed the carb and replaced it with the Go Street EFI manifold, users will follow the detailed instructions to connect all required sensors, and after punching in a few inputs, such as the cubic inches of your motor, target idle speed, and camshaft size, all you do is wait for the system to pressurize, turn the key, and let the handheld computer create the perfect fuel map for optimum performance.

Designed for 350 crate motors pushing up to 400 hp, this state-of-the-art EFI system is their flagship kit that delivers all the same quality components and engineering as found in their high-line systems. The only requirement necessary is that your car is equipped with a high-pressure fuel pump/system that meets—and is compatible with—the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, or you can run either of the suggested Fuel Command Centers (4005 or 4003) from FiTech.

With a kit this affordable, the Go Street EFI is a must-have for anyone who’s serious about performance and reliability. Because at the end of the day we should be out there enjoying the fruit of our labor and not tinkering around just to try and get it running right. Have a look for yourself and checkout FiTech’s EFI street or boulevard features.


  • Self Learning-Extreme Self-Learning for wide range super-fast dial-in correction
  • Suitable for crate engines and mild performance engines
  • Pre-programmed with Bolt-N-Go technology for out-of-the-box performance with no tuning required
  • EZ tach input, reads tach signal from Coil, HEI, MSD/CDI, and many other brand ignitions (no timing control)
  • For non-boosted engines—normally aspirated applications only
  • Wideband 4.2; onboard fuel pump driver
  • Annular discharge design; handheld tuning module for performance tuning
  • One fan control and A/C input (kicks up idle); FiTech flow matched 62-pound injectors; attractive cast finish