Edelbrock Provides More Push for the Monte Carlo

G'd Up From Feet Up

When you’ve got a G-body that needs a little help in the performance department then look no further than Edelbrock. With a host of available products ready for your G-body, their catalog of parts is like a dream book for anyone looking to play and perform.

In our latest tech install, we were looking to enhance the responsiveness of a G-body so the one product that stood out to us was their Performer EPS Endurashine intake manifold. Designed for small-block Chevys, Edelbrock’s Performer EPS intake is cast at their very own Edelbrock aluminum foundry and machined at their in-house computerized machining center. In addition to looking good, their intake systems offer improved and excellent throttle response as well as increased torque. As for fitment, well it’s dead on—then again, that’s to be expected from any Edelbrock product.

For this particular install, we went with the Edelbrock PN 27014, complete with their Endurashine finish. The install was really as easy as remove and replace, and to make sure that all was sealed we used PN 7201 gaskets while adding a new PN 88114 water pump as well.

We do have a few helpful tips:

  • Do not use cork or rubber seals. Use RTV silicone seal and apply a 1/4-inch tall bead across each block end seal surface, being sure to overlap the intake gasket at all four corners.
  • Use an Edelbrock PN 7201 or Fel-Pro PN 1256 intake gasket set when installing
  • Apply a small amount of silicone to the threads of the intake manifold and hold down bolts. This will prevent oil weepage.
  • Torque all manifold bolts down to 25 lb-ft
  • If you install aftermarket headers or cams, this may lean the carburetor calibration so it’s best to recalibrate with richer jets.
  • If you install headers, Edelbrock recommends that the primary header tube diameter should be 1 5/8 inch.

In all, the felt responsiveness and improvements were a welcome addition to what was once a feverishly sluggish throttle. Of course, the Endurashine finish complemented the mounds of chrome inside the engine bay but what we liked best was that this improvement didn’t break the bank, and further solidified not only the performance aspect of the G-body but the reliability as well.

Although I’ve mentioned it once before, I will say it again, “Don’t forget about your motor.” In years past, much of our efforts were placed into paint and chrome, but having a solid running engine guarantees a smooth-sailing ride, and a safe trip from boulevard to boulevard. Till next time, keep your intake polished, your paint waxed, and your engine running strong.

Edelbrock PN 2701 Performer EPS Intake Specs:

1955-1986 small-block Chevy 262-400

RPM Range: Idle – 5,500

Intake Material: Aluminum

Finish: Endurashine

Port Exit Dimensions: 1.15×1.87 inches

Carb Pad Height: 4.27 inches

Manifold Height: (A) 3.74 inches (B) 4.80 inches

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