Edelbrock LS Water Pump Line – Coolin’ Out

A bad water pump could get you heated up and even worse, destroy your LS engine

When you’re idling at the light, or stuck in a traffic jam of cars waiting to exit a car show, the one thing you have to do is keep it cool. Now, we’re not talking about your temper or your patience, we’re talking about the cooling system in your car, and in specific the water pump. The water pump of your car is an impellor that pushes the coolant through the block and to the radiator where forced air (by way of a fan) brings the temperature down; and while it may be the smallest part of your cooling system, it plays a vital role in keeping the temps down.

That said, Edelbrock is pleased to announce their high-performance LS water pump line now includes new applications for GM LS2, LS3, LS7, and L76 engines. The Edelbrock name has become synonymous with performance, efficiency, and dependability, and their new water pumps provide maximum cooling, whether it’s on the street or at the racetrack. They are designed using state-of-the-art engineering technology with computer-designed internal passages and precision machining to produce the maximum flow rate possible.

These new LS water pumps feature a lightweight powder metal forged impeller and are cast from A356 aluminum in Edelbrock’s Southern California foundry. They both include a heavy-duty 3/4-inch ball/roller bearing assembly with 3/4-inch pilot shaft, and a high-strength billet steel hub. These water pumps feature a counterclockwise rotation to be compatible with all OEM accessories and pulleys. They are designed for greater durability, increased pressure, and water flow for improved engine cooling efficiency.

Depending on the layout of your engine, the water pumps are available in different configurations. PN 8893 is machined with a right side return outlet for use with the 2005-2007 LS2, 2008 LS3, 2007-2008 LS7, 2008-2009 Pontiac, and 2008 L76 applications; while PN 8894 is machined with a left side return outlet for use with 2009-2010 LSA, 2009-2010 LS3, 2009 L76, and 2009-2010 LS7 applications. Also available is a pulley (PN 8899), which is sold separately. This pulley is machined from billet aluminum and measures 5.84 inches (148.4 mm) in diameter. It features a bolt-on design for use with Edelbrock high-performance water pumps (PNs 8893 and 8894). This pulley is designed to work with all OEM accessories and pulleys.

Signs You Need a New Water Pump

Is Your Water Pump Pulley Sloppy?

Find the water pump pulley and rock it back and forth. If the belt is in good condition but the pulley rocks back and forth it may be time to replace your water pump.

Do You Hear Strange Noises?

While listening to your engine at idle, if you hear a low-pitched “grinding” noise coming from the area by the water pump it could indicate a faulty or damaged bearing.

Are There Any Leaks?

Inspect around the water pump area. A leak could be an indication that things aren’t so good for you as many water pumps have weep holes that allow water to seep if the seal is bad.

Check Engine Lights Are On

If your temp indicator goes off, or if you find leaks under your car, it is also a good indicator that your water pump may need replacing.

Is There Cold Air Coming From Your Heater Vent?

If you are running your heater and cool air comes out it may be an indication that you have trouble in the cooling department. You could have a bad heater core, but you could also have low coolant levels or a faulty water pump.

Axalta Coating Systems Paint Tip of the Month

The Art of Mask Taping

In this December issue’s Lowrider Paint Tip sponsored by Axalta Coating Systems, we offer up a few masking tape tips of advice. Nothing stands out more than a well-done, tape graphics job. There are a few keys to producing a flawless paintjob, and the specialists at Axalta would like to roll out a few for you custom painters.

Key #1: When mask taping, be sure to use tape that is most compatible to the paint you are using—waterborne or solvent borne paints may require different types of tape.

Key #2: After masking, spray a blender or clear basecoat first on top of the tape to seal out any “leaks” from the tape. As an example, Cromax Pro WB2091 Blender could be used with Cromax Pro. Then apply the color after the clear basecoat is applied. If there are any micro spaces in the tape, it will be clear and will not be seen.

Key #3: When unmasking, pull backward toward the existing tape instead of pulling the tape up. This will cut the paint edge rather than lifting it. Axalta Paint Products, experience, patience, and the monthly Lowrider Paint Tip will seal the spray paint detail.