E-Street EFI System Conversion Part 1

Go From a Traditional Carburetor Setup to an EFI System in Just a Few Easy Steps

That’s right, it’s just that easy to convert from a carb to EFI. All you need is a beer, a few tools, and once it’s all plugged in it’ll tune itself in just the touch of a few buttons. Did we mention it could also manage your MP3 tracks? Yes…it’s true. Read on.

Owning a classic car with a carb is much like having a trophy wife with all the problems. From the outside, everything looks fine and dandy up until all the evil gremlins come up when you least expect it. OK…maybe it’s actually better to deal with carbs, but you get what I mean. Now don’t get me wrong, not all carbureted classics are bad, but the carb dilemmas always seem to tweak out during the most unsuspecting moments and wrong times.

From the engine hunting to not starting to the engine misfiring under load, carburetors need a whole lot of attention and fine-tuning. To solve that problem, Edelbrock has come up with a system they call the Edelbrock E-Street EFI system. This easy-to-use, simple-to-install system converts your carburetor setup to modern electronic fuel injection in just a short time. There is no tuning experience necessary and the bolt-on kit gives you all the performance potential of electronic fuel injection, while offering an electronic management system that will help you tune the system all through a touch-screen tablet PC.

The EFI throttle body communicates via Bluetooth to the included tablet, which can either be mounted or stashed in your glovebox. The system is perfect for any V-8 engine equipped with a 4150 square-bore flange.

So how do you install it? It’s really easy. Remove the old carb, bolt on the new kit, plug it into a pre-installed interface, give it power, and then with the touch of a few buttons it’ll tune itself. But what if you’re planning on upgrading your engine in the future? Well that’s no problem at all. Edelbrock developed this kit to be expandable so it can easily be transferred to other engines. All you have to do is recalibrate and retune from the tablet.

Installation Note

This system will require a high-pressure EFI-compatible fuel delivery system. Fuel delivery kits are available and sold separately. Selecting the right fuel delivery system is critical to the performance of any EFI application.

What’s Included

1. Ready to run right out of the box with a pre-loaded tune.

2. Integrated wide-band O2 sensor.

  • Highly accurate monitoring in the 10-20 AFR range

3. Dynamic fuel control.

  • No tuning experience required
  • Self-learning system will optimize the tune for you

4. Fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors, fuel rails, linkage, and sensors that readily accepts standard air cleaners for a traditional look.

5. Includes a fully assembled OEM-quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors for an easy installation.

6. Multiple fuel system options available.

7. Compatible with popular ignition systems and distributors.

8. Great with large, high-overlap cams with low vacuum.

9. Easy-to-use 7-inch touch-screen tablet PC that features…

  • Wireless connectivity between the ECU and the tablet
  • Capable of controlling two fans
  • Digital gauge cluster for engine monitoring while driving
  • Includes Android operating system for added functionality with downloadable applications and future upgrades

10. System will automatically adjust for future engine upgrades.

11. Performs under all weather and altitude conditions.

Once you remove your old carb, just drop the new Edelbrock EFI throttle body into place and get ready to plug it in.

The fully assembled OEM-quality wiring harness comes complete with pre-terminated connectors for an easy step-by-step (labeled) plug in instructions.

Once this engine is installed in our “Cadillac DeVillain” project, we will connect the remaining harness wiring and tune this system through the touch-screen tablet PC shown here. Stay tuned for our next Part 2 series as the E-Street EFI throttle body communicates via Bluetooth and with the touch of a few buttons it will tune itself!

Axalta Paint Tip of the Month

By Axalta Coatings Systems

Value in a Hurry

Axalta Paint has a specially formulated brand known as Nason SelectClear 468-00 2K Urethane Multi-Panel Clear. This is a 2K, urethane clearcoat designed for multi-panel and overall repairs. It is easy to spray, features excellent gloss and DOI, and provides a fast build in just two coats. All of Axalta’s Nason products are formulated to be fast, easy to apply, and they are designed to work together as a system to give you an option when time and money are limited. Nason 468-00 Multi Panel Clear is mixed from four parts of clear to one part of 483-86 Activator. Your spray gun should be set up from 1.3 to 1.6 HVLP to apply from medium to wet that allow 12 to 15 minutes flash time between coats. A real benefit of this clearcoat is that it has a three-hour “pot life” at 75 degrees. Most conventional clears usually have a 45-minute pot life, so this is a major benefit! Also, please remember that when you’re looking for that deep look in your paintjob’s finish, all you have to do is let it air dry overnight, cut it with 800- to 1,000-grit sandpaper, then reclear it with two more coats. For more technical advice, contact product specialist Steven Chaparro at steven.c.chaparro@axaltacs.com.