Airaid U-Build-It Kit Intake System Install – Airaid For Max Air

Custom-Fit Air Intake System for Your Lowrider

The Airaid U-Build-It kit is as versatile as you want it to be. It comes with everything you see here and allows you to custom route your intake plumbing for your exact application. You’re only limited by your imagination.

In order to fully understand an engine’s breathing system, you must know that better breathing equals more horsepower and torque. Since an engine is essentially a giant air pump, improving the airflow efficiency will create more power. On most stock intake systems, the main airflow restrictions are the intake box, the actual air inlet to the box, and the paper air filter that’s inside. The best way to bolt on more horsepower and torque while improving airflow into a gas engine is with an Airaid intake system.

All Airaid intake systems are computer designed, dyno tested, and tuned to extract maximum performance for each application. Improving airflow to an engine is just one part of what Airaid’s intake systems are designed to accomplish. A computer-designed cold air dam (CAD) that separates the Airaid premium filter from the hot engine compartment’s air will supply the filter with plenty of cool outside air, so your engine can receive a denser air charge that’s key to getting more power from your engine.

We took a classic Impala with an LS engine swap and installed Airaid’s U-Build-It (UBI) kit. If you can imagine a custom intake system, now you can build one yourself as we did here in this Lowrider garage install. This Airaid kit is the most versatile custom intake system on the market. The kit includes everything you need to build a complete system, and all the components are also available individually for maximum adaptability. Whether you are doing an engine swap or have a custom application where space is tight, the Airaid UBI intake system can accommodate just about any application.

The only limitation is your imagination! Each UBI master kit and individual intake tubes are available in 3-, 3.5-, 4-, 5-, and 6-inch diameters. The roto-molded intake tubes feature multiple angles and straights that allow you to route the intake to any desired location in the engine compartment. The master kits include an intake tube, coupler, hump hose, reducer, brackets, hose clamps, hardware, and a premium Airaid filter. Now follow along as we drop in an innovative, easy-to-install intake kit, which dramatically increases airflow, horsepower, and torque, while improving overall efficiency of your late-model engine as well.

1. After examining the area where the intake was going to run, we made some initial cuts with the bandsaw to the molded intake tube. Using smaller sections made it easier to mock up in order to decide on where the final cuts would be made.

2. Always remember to measure and check fitment twice and cut once.

3. The air intake box was mounted to the radiator core support and also to a simple bracket attached to the inner fenderwell.

4. Looks like it was made to fit there like a factory piece.

5. The air filter coupler was bolted in to the intake box utilizing the included stainless hardware.

6. Ready for the premium Airaid filter to be installed.

7. We started the routing process by holding up the cut pieces and plotting out the path we wanted it to take and trimming them down accordingly.

8. Things got a little tight routing around the radiator, but with all the different bend options and parts in the Airaid U-Build-It kit we were able to handle it with ease.

9. The final segment was mocked up and marked for the last cut.

10. After the last cut was made, the mounting location for the mass airflow sensor was determined and the bung was installed. We decided to mount it underneath this tube for a cleaner look. Make sure you note which direction the sensor is supposed to go since they are directional. You also want to find out the distance it needs to be in relation to the throttle body per your engine application.

11. All of the pieces of the Airaid intake setup were installed with the rubber couplers included in the kit and checked for final fitment.

12. Once we were happy with the fine-tuning of the intake path, we added all of the hose clamps and tightened them up.

13. The final part of the equation is the addition of the premium Airaid filter. The LS3 is now ready to breathe easy and perform like it should!

14. The best way to bolt on more horsepower and torque while improving airflow to a gas engine is with an Airaid intake system as we did here on this Impala lowrider.