Last month Chevrolet Performance sent over two brand new transmissions, a 4L65-E and a 4L85-E to use in some project car builds that we are currently working on. Now it’s time to unveil the engines that these transmissions are going to be hooked up to: an LS3 and an LSA. Both these engines and the transmissions were sent over as part of Chevrolet Performance’s Connect & Cruise packages meaning that not only did we get the engines and the transmissions but we also got the electronic control modules, all the wiring harnesses, and all the other necessary components needed for installation in one complete package that can be ordered from any Chevrolet Performance parts dealer using just a single part number. Both the LS3 and LSA are two of the baddest engines Chevy has to offer and the fact that these are both Connect & Cruise packages have saved us a lot of time in gathering all the parts we needed so all we need to do now is finish getting the cars prepped and we’ll be ready to install our engines. Check back soon to see what kind of jawdropping rides these engines and transmissions will be bolted into and check out our tech section here to see the build stories on all our project cars.


Found in the 2008-2013 Corvettes, current-generation Camaros and current-generation Chevy SS the LS3 is 376 cubic inches of high technology mixed with uncompromising performance. Designed for high performance and longevity, the LS3 features L92-type rectangular port heads that combine with a sturdy reciprocating assembly to deliver a 10.7:1 compression ratio while a high-lift hydraulic roller camshaft delivers 0.551-inches of lift. With a power rating of 430hp and torque rating 424lb-ft and a price tag of $7,760 for the long block and $13,856 for the Connect and Cruise package the LS3 is the perfect choice for those wanting quick and easy power without having to break the bank.


Best described as a supercharged LS3 on steroids, the LSA is unbelievable power in a smooth, quiet and well-balanced package. Found in the current-generation Cadillac CTS-V, the LSA features a forged-steel crankshaft, super-tough reciprocating parts, integrated piston-cooling oil jets, and high-flow cylinder heads topped off with a 1.9L sixth-generation supercharger. The supercharger itself features a four-lobe, high-twist rotor design allowing it to broaden the supercharger’s effective range, enhancing low-rpm torque and high-rpm horsepower. With a price tag of about $14,006 for a long block and $21,874 for a Connect and Cruise package the LSA isn’t exactly a cheap option when considering doing an LS-swap. However a power rating of 556hp and 551lb-ft of torque and a reputation of being one of the most powerful production engines in Chevy’s parts catalog may make you consider opening up your wallet if going fast is your goal.