Attention to detail will make or break an engine compartment, and manufacturers like Lokar have stepped up to the plate to help you go the extra mile with your build. For over two decades, Lokar has manufactured products of the highest quality, exceeding industry standards while raising the bar for quality products and leading the way for a better automotive aftermarket. They have dedicated themselves to providing all customers with original and innovative products. This dedication has translated into an unwavering reputation that the company prides itself upon; a reputation that customers remind them of every day.

In this month’s web exclusive article, we took and installed Lokar’s emergency brake pedal, floor board gas pedal, and brake pedal. These items dressed the interior while in the engine compartment the steel braided lines and stainless bracket stream lined the engine compartment, bringing in reliability and performance. Now follow along, as we add the final touches to our Impala using Lokar’s American-made billet accessories.

1. Lokar pedals and cables will make the car run more efficiently.

2. This Impala was ready to be outfitted with Lokar equipment.

3. The gas pedal was the first thing that needed to be removed.

4. The brake pedal on this Impala is a very similar shape to a ’57 Bel Air non- power brake pedal.

5. These four button head Allen wrench bolts will hold the pedal in place.

6. The aluminum pedal went on with out a problem.

7. We took the outer base and used it to outline the bracket cut out.

8. We drilled out the corners to allow us to bolt the bracket in place.

9. The gas pedal was attached and bolted from the back side of the firewall.

10. With the pedals on, it was time to move into the engine compartment.

11. This bracket was a two piece set up and it was quickly assembled.

12. The cable adjusters that hold the cables in place were assembled outside before bolting them down complete.

13. The kick-down cable clip screw was bolted on.

14. From this picture, you can see how the cables will line up.

15. Our first task was to install the spring adjustment.

16. The throttle cable had to be removed to allow us to route it where it needed to go.

17. The gas pedal was ready to have the throttle cable put on it.

18. After cutting the throttle cable housing, it went on with ease.

19. The cable was run through the cable housing and attached to the gas pedal.

20. The cable was measured to allow us to cut it to size.

21. With everything cut to size, this cable system was ready to go full throttle.

22. The interior of this Impala has also changed with the addition of the Lokar Emergency brake, brake, and gas pedal.