There are times in life when you need to do a makeover to create better self esteem and to have more confidence in your life. Doing so will help you express yourself and your personality. It will also give you the confidence to tackle any obstacle or challenges that are presented to you.

The same principle applies when building a car. That is, you should have the same mentality. Once the car is completed and has been on the show circuit for a while you should think about a makeover. This is exactly what we decided to do to this classic Chevy Impala. After years of street driving, it was ready to have a weekend makeover to boost its show confidence.

To start off, the engine block was painted using Createx water-based paints. We then used a Edelbrock intake and carb combo, Proform accessories, and Zoops brackets and pulleys to finish off the project. Summit Racing’s fine line of chrome starters, alternator and power steering pumps were used to give this small-block 350 a new look. Now follow along as we show you the first part of this weekend transformation.