We originally came up with the idea of building a fully done-up carbureted engine and then giving it away to some lucky lowrider enthusiast during a brainstorming session at a Lowrider staff meeting. After several months of planning and securing the involvement of many top aftermarket manufacturers, the Dream Engine project was on its way to becoming a reality. A key player was GM Performance, who donated the “hearts” of the Quaker State-sponsored giveaway–two new small-block 350-c.i.d. “crate” engines that are both rated at 330 horsepower right out of the box.

To begin part two of the build-up, we caught up with Jim at the Speed Shop in Glendale, California, who wrapped up the accessory assembly on the giveaway V-8. Jim bolted on all of the billet accessories, as well as the fuel delivery systems and miscellaneous parts that were needed to make the engine run.

As with any engine project, sometimes you run into an obstacle or two as the engine’s coming together. We had to overcome a small setback as some of the parts that were donated turned out to be incorrect matches for what we needed and had to be replaced with the exact proper parts. On the plus side, the convenience of doing the tech with the Speed Shop was that we were able to use parts from their stock, although we only did this with small pieces. By the end of part two, the engine was looking good.

In the next segment of the Dream Engine build-up, we will be Dyno testing the new 350 to see how much horsepower the engine can produce with all of the bolt-on goodies that we have added. For now, follow along as we show you the progress of the build-up up to this point.