We originally came up with the idea of building a fully done-up carbureted engine and then giving it away to some lucky lowrider enthusiast during a brainstorming session at a Lowrider staff meeting. After several months of planning and securing the involvement of many top aftermarket manufacturers, the Dream Engine project was on its way to becoming a reality. A key player was GM Performance, who donated the “hearts” of the Quaker State-sponsored giveaway–two new small-block 350-c.i.d. “crate” engines that are both rated at 330 horsepower right out of the box.

Once GM was onboard, several other manufacturers followed suit, and made big contributions to two fully done-up small-block Chevy engines that will look good in any classic lowrider. One of these engines was overseen by Senior Tech Editor Dick DeLoach, while the one that we are focusing on here was handled by yours truly. The goal was to have them ready for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this past November, so that the manufacturers involved could display their products.

Leading this particular build-up was Jim Greer of the Speed Shop of Glendale, California. Jim is major “gearhead” and was happy to work with us. We gave Jim full control as far as what combination of parts would produce the most reliable and powerful engine. Judging by the results, this proved to be a good decision. In part one, we are going to start assembling and dressing up the engine. Once the engine is completed, we are planning to subject it a dyno bench test to see how many horsepower we can pull out of the new setup. For now, follow along as Jim helps us take our first steps in the build-up of the Quaker State Dream Engine giveaway.