If you caught Part One of our “Beauty and the Beast” Project ’59 Chevy Impala engine build-up in last month’s issue of Lowrider Magazine, you would have read that the “monster” small-block was going to be built to have the best of both worlds. What do we mean by that? Well, we intend to combine true performance pieces with a little lowrider flavor, a touch of chrome and paint that would impress any engine builder, especially those familiar with “100-point” show-quality engines.

The complete 350-c.i.d. block was hooked up with Zoop’s billet accessories and retrofitted with a single-belt system. For carburetion, the engine was given two Edelbrock 500-cfm. carburetors and a dual-quad intake. Summit Racing accessories including a single-wire alternator, high-torque mini starter and high-volume chrome water pump were also bolted on.

Once the engine is dropped into the vehicle, the fuel lines will be plumbed and the dual quads will be dialed in and tuned. To prevent the distributor from getting banged up or even ruined while the engine is being bolted in, it will be installed after the engine has been put in place. Now let us show you how this engine came together.