Universal Air Bags – Lowride-Air

No leaks, no mess, no worries. Now keep on reading because you can't hate what you don't understand.

Looking to airbag your bomb, custom, or classic? If so, Universal Air (spring) bags will make sure to give you the quality ride you deserve. Whereas many competing companies offer nothing more than hot air, Universal Air stands by their products, their build quality, and installation.

I know. You’re probably sitting there clenching your first at the thought of using airbags, but while I’ve got you reading let’s just say that air suspension is a far departure from what we’re used to, and the technology has come a long way. Die-hard lowriding enthusiasts swear by hydraulics, but in the same breath, they do just about the same amount of swearing when problems and leaks arise. I know this for a fact because I occasionally become one of those guys. The bottom line is hydraulics create a love affair of evil proportions; there’s plenty of upkeep and maintenance, especially if you’re heavy on the switch. Airbags offer a more than convenient way to adjust the altitude of your ride. You can do it on the fly, you wont’ have oil leaks, and there’s also no trunk full of batteries that need constant charging. Then again, airbags can’t jump, hop, or offer the same action and noise that we’ve been accustomed to. But they do have plenty of benefits for your casual lowrider—especially when a company like Universal can offer various bolt-on kits for different years, makes, and models of lowriders. Did we forget to mention that you will get a smooth Cadillac ride along with it?

While there are many other advantages to airbag suspension kits, one of them is the fact that it adds additional axle strength, thus increasing your overall load capacity. But don’t think that Universal Air’s product line is limited to what you see on the site, Universal Air has become a leader in building custom air suspension kits for one-off, heavily modded vehicles. In essence, Universal Air is like the air-ride suspension superstore. From industrial built compressors to DOT-approved airlines, they have what you need to get that special project done.

But their products are merely an extension of their passion for their craft. Known for building and developing high-quality and reputable products, Universal Air has a sales and technical staff who are more than happy to answer any of your questions. From custom to DIY, they can answer just about everything. Now, for all you guys out there who don’t want to make alterations for your custom ride (including welding) just know that you can have Universal Air handle your complete bolt-on bracket kits needs.

Their lowrider kits include various bracket assemblies for 1958-1976 Impalas or Caprices. They also have a kit for the 1970-1988 Monte Carlos as well, and if you’re a Cadillac lover then know that they’ve got you covered from the years 1959-1970. Besides being a high-pressure quality bag and providing stern handling along with a very smooth and comfortable ride, Universal’s air springs, like the models featured here in this technical product review, are perfect for your front and rear suspension application.

Love it or leave it, but airbags are becoming more popular—even in the lowriding scene—but when you’re ready to take the jump, be sure to remember the name Universal Air.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of their popular airbags:

Air House II, made in the USA

This front application, single convoluted bag drops down to 2 inches when compressed and shoots up to 8.5 inches when fully extended. The diameter of this bag is 5  and 7/8 inches and will not increase with or without air pressure. Whereas other competing airbags blow out like a balloon, there is no rubbing or expansion when it comes to Universal Air bags.

Double Play, made in the USA

This rear application, double-convoluted air spring bag becomes 3.25 inches when compressed and extends all the way up to 11 inches when fully inflated. The diameter of this bag is also 5  and 7/8 inches and will not increase with or without air pressure.

All Universal Air Bags are made from synthetic rubber thus making it resistant against oil breakdown that will ruin natural rubber. They are available in 1/2 and 3/8 NPT Ports.

Now if you’re looking for air compressors, tanks, hoses, or valves, then they’re a one-stop shop, so feel free to drop on by, visit them online, or simply give them a call.