Russell Performance Brake Products & Components

A weak brake line is like having a weak artery, so make sure they're up to par and don't let the unnecessary occur

There’s no point spending tons of money on a lowrider if you can’t get it to stop. Now, when it comes to building a lowrider (or any custom car for that matter), many of us are enamored with getting all the aesthetics in place yet fail to take care of the “hidden” and overshadowed mechanicals. I get it though, buying mechanical parts that are hardly seen by the general public seems like the last thing you’d want to do but if you take your investment seriously then you’ll want to make sure it can stop on a dime.

That said, Russell Brake Products has been producing a selection of brackets, hardware fittings, and brake lines that are unmatched. All of their products are technologically advanced, backed by years of research and design, and to top it off they are tested both in the lab as well as on the streets by millions of staunch supporters. In addition, their product line extends beyond the basics and also includes brake proportioning valves, brake bleeders, and a speed bleeder bag to make fluid changes a one-person job.

So after looking at their incredible lineup—and using their products far before I got to LOWRIDER—I’ve always been a fan and a customer, so I’m breaking down just a few of their key products and components that caught the eye.

Street-Legal Brake Hose Kits

All Russell lines for their street-legal brake hose kits are direct bolt-on. They provide the ultimate performance when it comes to braking and they also reduce brake hose expansion for more consistent braking. Featuring stainless steel braided hose with zinc-plated fittings, these brake hoses are factory assembled for convenient installation.

Competition Brake Hose Assembly

If you are looking for the ultimate brake lines, then be sure to scope out their competition brake hose offerings. These lines provide the ultimate performance and firmer pedal feel, and all units are constructed from high-quality stainless steel hose, featuring zinc-plated hose ends. You can choose from -3 or -4 brake hose from lengths of 9 inches up to 53 inches for your custom needs.

PowerFlex Brake Hose

Specifically designed for high-performance brake applications, PowerFlex brake hoses feature a combination of a PTFE inner liner with the corrosion and abrasion resistance of stainless steel braids for maximum pressure use. PowerFlex braided hose lines come in 3-, 6-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 50-, or in 100-feet length sizes if necessary.

Adapter Fittings & Hardware

Russell’s wide variety of lightweight aluminum adapter fittings allow for the connection of Russell hose ends to almost any component. Adapters are offered in standard thread, metric thread, and pipe thread with three finishes that are available: Ultra-Bright Endura, traditional blue anodized, or their new black anodized fittings. Retaining mounts, clamps, and proportioning valves are also featured for your view

Russell Brake Products E-clip Brake Line Retaining Mount.

These brake line clamps offer a professional and secure method of attaching brake hard line to a framerail. They are designed to work with 3/16-inch od hard lines.

Residual brake proportioning valves are manufactured from billet aluminum and anodized. They are adjustable up to a 60 percent pressure reduction. These valves include 3/8-inch -24 inverted flare hard line adapter and they utilizes anticorrosive brass internal components.

Proportioning valves eliminate spongy-pedal feel by retaining brake line pressure and keeping your pedal firm. The valve stops brake fluid from draining back into the master cylinder; this keeps your caliper pistons and brake shoes from fully retracting so your brake system stays primed without brake drag. The result is a firmer pedal that engages quicker and provides increased braking response. These residual valves are polished for great looks and available in 2 psi for disc brakes and 10 psi for drum brakes; drums require more pressure to compensate for return spring tension.

Straight hose ends.

Straight elbow hose 45-degree flare.

Straight hose elbow fitting.

Brass ferrules.

Banjo hose end.

Female fitting.

Male fitting.

Female inverted flare component and fitting.

Female fitting/nut.

NPT pipe thread fitting.

NPT pipe thread with a 45 degree.

Male “T” fitting.

Bulkhead fitting.

Male ends fitting.

Banjo-style fitting.

Banjo straight bolt.

Banjo bolt 90-degree angle.

Banjo bolt.

Flare 45-degree pipe.

Brake switch junction.

Through frame pipe fittings.

Be sure to check out their site for a complete catalog of parts because this was just an overview on the specific products that Russell Products can provide for lowrider builders. Please visit