Working on a classic car comes with plenty of surprises—but then again that shouldn’t come as a surprise itself. Whether it’s finding old relics tucked between the seats or old Coke cans jammed under the spare tire, there’s plenty to see and learn.

But most of the surprises we find are majorly problematic. You might find tons of rust marinating beneath the bondo, half-ass repair jobs, and if you’ve ever worked on an older G-body the one thing you’ll find is that the suspension components don’t age too well—then again you should have expected that.

That said, the most critical (and most often overlooked) part of restoring a car is the suspension. In our latest project, we’re taking down a G-body and we’ve already found that the suspension is basically shot. In dire need of a revamp, we wanted to make sure the car performed as well as it looked, so we sourced parts from QA1 to start the re-up.

g body revamp with qa1 rear shock

In partnering with QA1, the decision was based on the rich history they have in creating the finest automotive aftermarket parts. From performance shock absorbers, carbon-fiber driveshafts, suspension, rod ends, spherical bearings, ball joints, and other related items, QA1 has served plenty of markets, including drag racing, street performance, street rodding, all the way to construction, fitness, and agriculture.

All this magic takes place in their 83,000-square-foot manufacturing facility so it was a no-brainer. In light of that, here’s what we’re looking at installing in an upcoming issue and the breakdown of their parts is of no comparison as to how this G-body will perform once we’re done.

Stock Mount Smooth Body Shock Absorbers, PN TD801
Made in the USA, QA1’s Stocker Star is a lightweight, aluminum non-coilover shock. Used in drag racing, street performance, autocross, road racing, and street rod applications, the Stocker Star shock is available for a variety of stock mount applications. With multiple valving options, including double-adjustable, single-adjustable, “R” series adjustable, and non-adjustable, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

g body revamp with qa1 upper control arm kit

Control Arm Kit Upper, PN 52365
These lightweight yet rigid upper and lower control arms come in two styles: Street or Race. QA1 Street Control Arms include maintenance-free, factory-style ball joints and polyurethane inner pivot bushings, providing you with a lighter, stronger arm than factory that will still handle the abuse of street driving.

g body revamp with qa1 rear sway bar kit

g body revamp with qa1 front sway bar kit

Sway Bar Kit Rear 1 inch, PN 52878
Sway Bar kit Front 13?8 inch, PN 52877
Front sway bars are manufactured from lightweight hollow-core (4130) chromoly steel for maximum strength and durability. The CNC forming ensured precision fitment for a true bolt-on installation. A gloss black, powdercoated finish is applied for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. They also include greasable graphite polyurethane bushings and high-quality plated hardware.

Rear sway bars are manufactured from heavy-duty solid core (1045) cold formed steel for maximum strength. Precision CNC forming ensures proper fitment for a true bolt-on installation. A gloss black, powdercoated finish is applied for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. They include greasable graphite polyurethane bushings, U-bolts, and high-quality plated hardware.

g body revamp with qa1 trailing arm kit

Trailing Arms, Upper Adjustable, PN 5248; Lower Adjustable, PN 5204
All upper tubular and lower boxed trailing arms use polyurethane bushings on both ends, while upper adjustable and lower tubular trailing arms use a spherical ball or rod end assembly on the chassis end to eliminate bushing bind, allowing the suspension to move smoother for better control. This keeps the tires planted firmly on the ground for improved traction and a more predictable, better-handling car. For a long-lasting finish, tubular and boxed trailing arms are powdercoated gloss black, while the adjustable arms are zinc plated and anodized.

g body revamp with qa1 frame supports

g body revamp with qa1 adjutable rear frame supports

Adjustable Rear Frame Supports for GM, PN 5285
QA1 Adjustable Rear Frame Supports are engineered to improve handling, traction, and all around suspension performance by eliminating unwanted chassis flex and reinforcing the upper and lower trailing arm mounts. Made from 1-inch-diameter cold-rolled steel tubing, they feature zinc-plated adjustable threaded sleeves for adjusting the preload in the rear trailing arm mount after installation. Designed to clear stock and aftermarket mufflers and includes all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation.