You’ll never get anywhere in this lifetime without direction, and the same holds true for your vehicle’s rad suspension. While rearend control arms are hardly ever paid attention to, they are very important. Much like bad joints in the human body, they are the connecting force of your suspension components and connect the rear axle of a vehicle to the suspension componentry. But as much as they can be compared to the human body, the big difference is a faulty control arm that doesn’t extend will leave you out there somewhere in bad trouble.

When it comes to adjustable rear axle arms the folks at Currie Enterprises have long ago conquered the game of extended and reinforced suspension components. Currie’s cure for 4×4 suspension and extension needs can also be applied for hydraulic or air suspension in lowriders. Johnny Joint rod ends are available in a weld-on form, a forged or billet form, and with various sized threaded shanks or housing kits that allow Johnny Joints to be retrofitted into the upper control arm bushing holes on GM A&G body and Fox-body Ford OEM housings. The Johnny Joints provide smooth and predictable suspension movement without the bind associated from stiff bushings.

The Johnny Joint product line not only includes weld-on and threaded joints, but also various styles of weld-on bungs that can be used to easily fabricate your own control arms. You can fabricate fixed arms, adjustable arms, or double-adjustable arms with RH/LH threads. Currie Johnny Joint rod ends offer 30-40 degrees (depending upon joint chosen) of unrestricted movement in any direction, as compared to 22 degrees on common Heim joints. They feature a heat-treated ball center with countless mounting widths and through-hole diameters. High-density Energy Suspension urethane bushings encase the ball and are very durable and impervious to weather. All Johnny Joints are greasable for long-lasting durability and quiet operation and all are fully rebuildable. Currie even sells the assembly/disassembly tools for all sizes of Johnny Joints if you want to make your life a little easier!

For more information, and to play with Currie’s interactive Johnny Joint builder, check out their website.