A Classic Car on a Rodded-Out Chassis and Suspension

Frame & Set Up

If you want your lowrider sporting an exceptional ride with superior handling, then you really do have to look into the products by Art Morrison Enterprises. When the engineers at Art Morrison put their heads together, they not only came out with great frames, but also feasible solutions—which in the end is much more cost effective.

All frame-off builds should start right here.

Specifically, we were interested in their chassis solutions for the increasingly popular ’59-’64 Chevrolets Impalas. After years of R&D, their engineers have developed an innovative chassis that provides a low ride height, coupled with comfort, excellent handling properties, and even better is the fact that the frames are all fully customizable.

What’s more, the new AME chassis is built to last and it sports 3×4 main framerails, along with specially designed crossmembers, which not only provide structural rigidity, but also ample clearance for their exhaust system.

Up front you frame and suspension enthusiasts will be overwhelmed and impressed by AME’s highly acclaimed Independent Front Suspension. With beefy tubular control arms, Strange Engineering coilover shocks, or optional Art Morrison Air Spring Plus Suspension, those components are coupled with the heart-stopping performance of Wilwood spindles, as well as your choice of adjustable antisway bars and a power rack-and-pinion steering.

The flexibility of options for your frame also includes the ability to have AME motor mounts to be used with your specific engine configuration. Whether you choose to run with a small- or big-block, or LS-series engines, it’s all a matter of choice and they can build it to fit whatever you need, and the same also holds true with their transmission mounts.

Out back, the rear suspension offers the best your wallet can afford, and their available components and build quality ensure that you will be getting superior handling and the ability to handle an abundance of power, thanks to a triangulated four-bar rear suspension and a beefy 9-inch rearend. Adjustable coilovers and an adjustable antisway bar provide the desired ride height, while a new two-piece driveshaft greatly reduces vibration and minimizes floorboard modifications. In fact, the ’59-’64 Impala frames require less floor mods than any aftermarket chassis for these cars.

These restomod frames come available with fully customizable options and if you let them know what hydraulic suspension you intend to run, they’ll make sure that everything fits like a glove. Though Art Morrison frames come equipped with Performance Air Spring suspension, coilovers, or AME’s exclusive Multilink Independent Rear Suspension, you also have the option of ordering your own chassis, which can easily support a coil spring platform as well. From rolling chassis to bare frames, the only limitations are your budget.

Now your classic ’59-’64 Chevy can have the handling characteristics of a newer muscle car’s suspension technology! All it takes is a CAD-engineered replacement chassis from Art Morrison and it’s a project that most competent do-it yourselfers can accomplish in their own garage. Little to no welding is required to install this chassis.

The bottom line is this, we’ve done our homework, have decades of experience building cars, and when it comes down to it, even GM’s famed X-frame will still twist and flex. That said, take a look at the frames from Art Morrison Enterprises. We’ve compared them side-by-side with custom-wrapped and boxed frames and if you do the math, it only makes sense to purchase an Art Morrison engineered chassis as opposed to wrapping or boxing an old obsolete frame. In addition, all their frames will have modern suspension and you no longer have to mod older frames in hopes that it’ll fit.

In closing, it might seem like a big one-time purchase, but when you add up the hundreds of dollars you’ll spend here and there, AME frames are the best choice in the market. You also have to remember that you’ll spend much less time doing follow-ups to see if your fabricator is working on your frame, less time trailering the frame here and there, and the bottom line is time is money, so the savings in buying a custom frame are worth its weight in gold when it comes to dollars, common sense, and time.

Art Morrison Enterprises Inc.

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Axalta Coating Systems Paint Tip of the Month

by Axalta Coatings Systems

How To Remove Weather Corrosion from your Precious Metals

This month’s paint/metal tip is brought to you by the good folks from Axalta Coating Systems. Their coating chemists would like to introduce you to the cure for metal and aluminum corrosion resulting from extreme weather conditions. Axalta’s 225S is an aluminum metal product that contains an acidic metal cleaner and conditioner formulated for aluminum. It effectively removes corrosion, resulting from weathering, and prepares the surface for the use of their step two Aluminum Refinishing System 226S. That next step process is a conversion coating that’s designed to stabilize aluminum, producing a high degree of corrosion resistance for adhesion when applying a paint system.

If you are restoring the metal body of any old car or truck project, chances are that over the years the weather elements came into play somewhere and left some corrosion and rust problems everywhere. Once you get your hands on a gallon of 225S, you will find that it is a very simple solution to use. Axalta Coating System products can always be found at any paint supply store near you.

For any or more technical paint support, feel free to contact Axalta Paint Specialist steven.c.chaparro@axaltacs.com, Southern California District (909) 938-5416.