With over 40 years of experience building complete chassis and individual suspension components, Art Morrison Enterprise (AME) is a name that commands the respect so many other companies demand. Each AME chassis is engineered to spec and built to the most demanding levels of perfection. In addition, their bolt-in replacements for OEM frames are mechanically sound and developed to provide superior handling and comfort all the while giving you the confidence in knowing that you’ve got a frame that’s been designed and engineered to exceeding standards.

So spare yourself the headache of revamping an old frame and start fresh by investing in one that will leave your car—and your mind—in peace.

In this issue of Lowrider we’ll be showcasing three Art Morrison chassis, which address some of the most popular frames in the game. From classic trucks to Impalas there’s a frame fit for your project, so get up on your game and get familiar.

1947-1953 GM Truck Frame

Assembled using 2×6 main rails, this beefed-up frame has strategically placed crossmembers. These crossmembers will support any engine and transmission combo. Adjustable coilovers on all four corners and antisway bars complement the IFS, thus giving builders and tuners the perfect balance between performance and comfort while a rack-and-pinion makes navigating your classic truck a breeze.

  • Lower ride height compared to stock frame
  • Sport IFS control arms
  • 2-inch dropped Wilwood PRO spindles
  • Strange adjustable coilover springs
  • Rack-and-pinion steering
  • Parallel four-bar tubes with Johnny Joint ends
  • Rear-mounted Panhard bar

Designed to sit lower than the stock chassis found on the truck, this AME frame sports beefy 1 5/16-inch-diameter upper control arms, upsized poly-bushed rod ends that work in combination with the coilovers, and antisway bars to provide exact handling. The frame also includes a four-bar rear suspension with Johnny Joint rod ends and a Panhard bar, providing the perfect anchors for the reinforced 9-inch rearend.

1949-1954 Chevrolet Frame

CAD engineered, the GT-Sport chassis is a work of art. Whereas the stock frame was developed to hold a six-cylinder “stovebolt” engine, this frame has been created to house small-block V8s or the popular LS-series engines. In addition, builders can easily employ a bunch of transmission options, including the Powerglide, TH350, TH400, and 700-R4 automatics and five- or six-speed manual transmissions.

  • Sophisticated Independent Front Suspension (IFS) using tubular steel control arms
  • Adjustable coilover shocks with front and rear sway bar
  • Wilwood front spindles
  • 20:1 power rack-and-pinion
  • 9-inch housing

Out back the triangulated four-bar setup provides excellent straight-line and lateral control while the Strange Engineering adjustable coilover shocks and sway bar complete the package. This chassis can be ordered as a “chassis with suspension” or as a “complete chassis” minus wheels and tires.

1959-1964 Impala Frame

Like the other three AME frames previously discussed, the AME 1959-1964 Impala frame provides you with just about everything you need. Using new 3×4 main framerails, the crossmembers provide ample clearance for the exhaust and listed below are some of their other highlights:

  • A mostly bolt-in installation, which requires minimal floorboard modifications
  • Strange adjustable coilover shocks
  • Wilwood spindles
  • Adjustable antisway bar and power rack-and-pinion steering
  • Motor mounts available for small-block, big-block, W-block, and LS engines
  • Transmission mounts can be configured for most popular auto and manual transmissions