Lowriders have always been and always will be about the wire wheels. The unique look originates from the famous 14×7-inch wheels with 5.20 whitewall tires found on many lowriders and in recent years the same look has transferred over to the motorcycle side. Ridewright Wheels was smart enough to take the lowlow style and blend it with the larger than stock sizes that are popular today. Now the standard size to achieve the lowrider look is 21×3.5 inches up front and 16×5 inches out back with whitewall tires to finish the look. Our 1989 FLHS project bike was pretty much bare bones, so wheel replacement may require a few extra steps on your motorcycle. Special thanks to Sesto Custom Cycles for helping us out.


1. Raise the tire from the rear part of the frame with a flat jack.

2. Remove the axle nut followed by the axle

3. Relieve tension from the chain (or belt depending on application) and place to the side. Remove rear caliper located on the other side (not shown)

4. Carefully remove sprocket and rotor from stock wheel.

5. Install crush tube and insert bearing. Be sure and repack with grease
if necessary.

6. Gently and evenly tap on the dust cap.

7. Reinstall sprocket and rotor on the new wheel (make sure the brakes and chain spin freely with only a small amount of resistance).

8. Reinstall axle nut and chain and tighten to factory specs.


9. With the rear wheel secured, move the flat jack to the front of the bike and lift the front wheel off the ground.

10. Before removing front axle, loosen the pinch bolts on the front brake side.

11. Remove the front axle nut and axle followed by the wheel.

12. Install the crush tube and bearing. Repack the bearings with grease if needed. Add front dust cap.

13. Note the correct direction of the tire and install front wheel.

14. Install front axel tube. Spin the front wheel; it should have only a little resistance. Reinstall the pinch bolts.

15. Dirty hands and whitewalls don’t go together, so clean it up.

16. We left the blue protectant on the white walls to keep them clean, but the overall look is pure classic.