C&C Customs 1958 Chevrolet Impala Hydraulics Install – Tech Project – Garage

Hydraulic Build - Showcase In A Trunk

For this issue’s tech section, we caught up with Chris Roark from C&C Customs out of Vacaville, CA. Chris has put together some of the industry’s most complicated hydraulic set-ups, and logged countless hours of shop time while perfecting his craft. Engaging and knowledgeable, Chris offered his personal insight on what it takes to put together a show-stopping setup.

According to Chris, individuality is the key component of all show cars, as most of them are built to have something unique that separates them from the competition. Right now there are a few guys that have broken away from the traditional installs, using paint and custom machine work to help them gain the competitive edge. Others have incorporated the tubular racks from the mini-truck and hot rod world into their Lowrider builds. While it is clear that the ideas are out there, nobody has really stepped up to the plate to grab that top spot.

This set up that Chris was working on was for his own car, and he was gracious enough to give us a sneak peek at the innovative work being done. Now follow along, as Chris from C&C Customs works his magic and creates a perfect score for his ’58 Impala.