As the lowriding game has elevated in recent years, so has the horsepower of the engines found in them. Along with the need for power and speed there’s also the need to slow down at the end of it all, and preferably not by hitting something.

Disc brake conversions for both front and rear have become all the rage, not only for the performance aspect, but also for the modern look. Take into consideration, though, that this becomes a moot point with a 3,600 lbplus car on 185/80-13 tires and wires, breaking all the laws of grip and adhesion.

From its inception, it was well known that the Chevy Impala had a tendency to go through brakes due to its weight. AbS Power brake in orange, California, has kits for just about any disc brake conversion that you can think of, including lowriding’s beloved Impala. Their name alone should be an indication of the type of quality products they build.