Nothing much has changed with hydraulic pumps over the years. Pumps have become faster, but the design is still close to that of the original tailgate pumps used in the ’70s. Recently, though, the pros at AH-2 Hydraulics in Santa Fe Springs, California, stepped up and decided to “reinvent the wheel.”

The AH-2 crew worked on a new pump design that will help you be different from the rest. The difference is that the block itself is round instead of square, and the same size as the tank, so it looks like a solid piece of aluminum stock. These new Billet Series pumps are a perfect fit for the lowrider that we were using for this article. The car’s owner also wanted to be different and decided to use a ‘57 Chevy Bel Air instead of a traditional first generation Impala.

The body lines of the ’57 are nice and the chrome gives these cars personality. Other things that give cars personality are the accessories that we put into them. In this case, it was a custom setup by AH-2 Hydraulics, one of the first created and being built as a limited edition. Now follow along as we show you how this setup came together, from the custom manifold to the tubing that runs the fluid.