For many years, anyone with any kind of modified vehicle has had to constantly keep his eyes on the rear-view mirror and keep watch for the fuzz! The guys at GO-EZ Customs decided to flip the script once again. Now, anyone with a stock vehicle better keep both eyes wide open because GO-EZ is on patrol and taking down boring stock vehicles. GO-EZ has also unleashed a new division of the D.E.A. (Drag Enforcement Agency) task force. So when faced with these agents you better drag it like it’s hot.

The project came about when commander in chief of the squad, Art Gomez, decided that it was time to start “Ridin’ Dirty” (not to mention right on time for this very special Ford issue). Art picked up an undercover Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and the fun began. Original plans were to keep the vehicle stock, tint the windows and create havoc in the streets, but that idea was short lived. Those crazy guys over at Pro Hopper were just as stoked with the idea and provided the equipment that put this undercover project into perspective.

Art’s crew-Grant, Casey, Chris, Rick, Jeremy, Scott and Josh AKA “Baywatch”-were onboard for hittin’ switches, blowin’ minds and pulling raids on unsuspecting vehicles. The vehicle was tag teamed in an effort to make the pages for this special in a day and a half. The local PD even got a quick glimpse, looking quite puzzled as to what was really going on!

All that the GO-EZ squad knows is that they’re twisting the scene, pushing the limits and breaking the rules. So for all of you stock vehicle drivers, don’t be fooled by those bright intimidating lights in your rear-view mirror. You just better hope that you’re being blinded by the real men in blue and not the GO-EZ patrol.