The connection between cars and music go hand in hand and it’s especially true when you talk lowriding. Music sets the vibe and compliments the ride and much of what we play ends up being the soundtrack of our lives. These songs bring us back to a simpler time when chillin’ at the park was our form of social media. Music makes us reminisce about the good and the bad, and in the end, music is mandatory and a huge part of culture.

To prove my point. Read the verse below and it’ll take you back in time. You ready?

“It’s kind of easy when you’re listening to the G-Dub sound,
Pioneer speakers bumpin’ as I smoke on a pound.
I got that sound for yo ass and it’s easy to see
That this DJ be Warren G.”

Now that I’ve got that stuck in your head, there’s a reason why rapper Warren G mentioned Pioneer in his lyrics and it’s because they live up to their name. As a leading manufacturer of electronic products, we know them best for having pioneered some game-changing products that most of us have owned. Pioneer played an instrumental role in bringing us the first automotive CD player, the first detachable-face car stereo, DVD, and the list goes on. Now if you were like me, you probably had one of their “Super Tuner” head units from the ’80s, but if not, I’m sure you or a friend had a pair of their TS-6907 6×9 speakers!

Now before I get lost in the past, let’s talk about modern-day car audio because, let me tell you, it has changed a lot! Today, “smart” head units are all the rage and they’re basically car stereos that serve as an extension of your smart phone.

Pioneer’s SPH-10BT is a prime example of a high-quality “smart” head unit. The single DIN unit is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones via Bluetooth or cable. The 10BT also features a cradle that allows you to mount your phone while Pioneer’s Smart Sync app gives users the ability to use navigation, hands-free calling, messaging and voice commands. The head unit also features a 24-bit D/A convertor, subwoofer controller, and a 13-band EQ to fine-tune any of your music files.

This all-in-one head unit packs plenty of features, but at this price point, it’s definitely an upgrade I encourage you to look into because some of you spend more on barbecue and beer for the weekend than what it costs to get into this new head unit. Besides, this upgrade will change your overall cruising experience. And always remember that our cars should be classic, but not our car stereos.