We all know that one guy. You know, the guy with the super clean truck that pulls up to the spot with a gangster lean. He’s the same guy who usually steps out with pride and then boom! Seconds later you can’t help but laugh as he struggles to slam his door shut.

Believe it or not, it’s a common problem for older trucks and the culprit is usually a bad door latch. That said, if you’re the owner of a 1952-1954 Chevy truck then we’ve got a solution that’ll have your doors opening and closing with ease.

Thanks to the Altman Easy Latch, they have now created a vehicle-specific bolt on, bear jaw rotary claw latch kit. The kit comes complete with contoured jamb plates to match the features of your vehicle’s doors and they were created specifically for your year, make, and model—no cheesy universal applications here.

Designed and engineered to work with your exterior handles, interior handles, and the exterior door lock cylinders of the specified vehicles, Altman hinges are a work of art. Each piece is zinc plated to fight corrosion, and all internal claws are case hardened and black oxide coated.

trique manufacturing altman easy latches

  • No welding necessary
  • Works with exterior handles
  • Works with interior handles
  • Works with exterior lock cylinders
  • Case hardened latch paws
  • Stainless steel striker pins
  • Everything you need for both doors

Each kit comes complete with everything you need for two doors. Latch plates, vehicle-specific bear jaw rotary claw latches, templates, hardware, detailed instructions, striker plates, and even stainless steel striker bolts.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the good ol’ United States, Altman hinge kits are purely bolt on and there is absolutely no welding or modifications necessary. It’s a simple, quick, and effective solution to fix that stubborn door, so get up on game and grab a set because life’s too short to be fighting your doors shut.

trique manufacturing altman easy latch