Pirelli’s slogan “Power is Nothing Without Control” does hold truth, but before you transfer all that power to your wheels, you’re first going to have to start (literally) the entire process, and it all begins with your battery. That said, Optima, the leaders in automotive battery technology, have introduced two new products that will change the way you see batteries and battery maintenance.

As the global leaders in high-performance automotive batteries, Optima is always looking for ways to set the benchmark. The release of their new Yellowtop battery with DIN fitment is proof positive to their commitment to excellence.

Optima Yellowtop with DIN Fitment

If you’re looking for the ultimate power source using Pureflow Technology then Optima’s Yellowtop with DIN fitment solution is your answer. Featuring two first-to-market designs, the radial grid for unsurpassed electrical flow and direct-path cast-on straps for increased connectivity, these key design features, combined with the best-in-class material purity, allow for high-energy flow and an extremely efficient recharge.

So what does all this technical jargon mean? In simple layman’s terms it means that the lifespan of Optima batteries is up to three times longer than the competition while also offering more than 15 times the vibration resistance (a must for lowriders). Because of its non-spillable battery design, this means owners can mount the battery in any position and the battery’s lower self-discharging rates result in longer storage and shelf life.

When your ride needs to pull into the pit stop or garage for some battery charging time, hook them up with the best battery charging unit out there. Don’t juice up without this!

Optima Digital 1200: Charging and Maintenance

The Optima Digital 1200 makes other chargers obsolete and with charge times double of its closest competitor, it’s a surefire winner. This Digital 1200 battery charger/maintainer will keep your batteries in peak condition and the advanced microprocessor will ensure that you don’t overcharge your battery!

Designed with advanced digital charging technology, the Digital 1200 delivers multi-stage charging, conditioning, automatic battery maintaining, and reconditioning modes in addition to quick set controls and an industry-leading LCD information display center. The Digital 1200 is “The Ultimate Power Source” for all your battery charging and maintenance needs. The ultra-premium Digital 1200 will fully charge and maintain all types of 12V batteries while significantly extending their lives.
But what makes them better? It’s the research and design put into each unit (and where they source the information from) that makes the ultimate difference. As a division of the world’s largest battery manufacturer, Optima is able to leverage significant engineering resources and data to develop a superior battery-charging algorithm.

Furthermore, the Optima Digital 1200 will charge deeply discharged batteries as low as 1.25 V and by breaking up sulfation in your battery, the Optima charger will significantly extend your battery life.

But there’s more! The Optima Digital 1200 will also safely charge and maintain your battery even during long-term storage with automatic restart in the event of power disruption, temperature-compensated charging, and several innovative features to prevent overcharge even in the event of battery failure.


It’s So Cromax EZ Easy to Mix, Easy to Match, Easy to Apply

Axalta is a leading global company focused solely on coatings and providing customers with innovative, colorful, beautiful, sustainable solutions. From light OEM vehicles, commercial vehicles, and refinish applications, to electric motors, buildings, and pipelines, their coatings are designed to prevent corrosion, increase productivity, and enable the materials we coat to last longer.

Axalta is proud to introduce a new special product to its well-established Cromax line called Cromax EZ. Cromax EZ is a low-VOC waterborne basecoat that is designed to spray wet on dry, much like traditional solvent-based paints. Because of its easy spray and blending characteristics and the simplicity of its single mix ratio across all environmental conditions, this new paint offers many advantages for both small- and high-volume shops, including easy training for new users. Cromax EZ has launched with a huge library of colors that stretch back to 1997 and is compatible with almost all Cromax undercoats and clearcoats. Designed for body shops that want to make a seamless transition from a solvent-borne application process to a waterborne system, EZ is exceptionally easy to use and requires minimal training. Cromax EZ also features a simple mixing procedure that requires just a single reducer and mix ratio across all formula types and environmental conditions.

Look out for a feature on this Axalta product in the July issue of Lowrider.

For any and all technical paint advice, please contact Axalta Product Specialist Steven Chaparro at steven.c.chaparro@axaltacs.com.