Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to get into the swing of things so we’ve compiled a list of must have components and accessories in order to help get your car where it needs to be. From the inexpensive to moderately priced, all these cool tools, gadgets and essentials are a must have for anyone who takes their car building seriously.

summer products maradyne fast and cool high performance fan


Tired of waiting for your car to cool down before wrenching on it? Are you constantly turning into a karate expert every time you touch something hot in your engine bay? If so, then Maradyne has the product that’ll take you from fool to cool.

Their “Fast& Cool” series of high performance fans are a must have for anyone that wants to get air moving — and moving fast. This 2 speed, 1/3 horsepower motor pushes a maximum velocity of 3,000 FPM and the directional flow fan comes with a host of amenities which includes the best balanced air flow, a design which makes it durable as all hell, and even better is that it’s GFCI protected for your safety — just in case you spill a beer or any liquids on it.

When we tested out the Maradyne unit, it worked like a cool breeze, and even if you’re not using it to cool down a motor — or for dyno testing – it moves air like a wind mill so we also used it to get us by some grueling hot days in the warehouse. Now if you have the need to push even more air, then all you have to do is get another unit because the Maradyne Fast & Cool can be connected to up to 5 other units on a single branch circuit.

In years past we’ve tested out other fans, and all we can say is that these are the best fans by a long shot. They’re stackable, can be positioned horizontally, on a 45-degree angle, and a 90-degree angle — thus making it perfect for cramped spaces and cooling down transmissions or engines while up on the lift. To get more wind of these fine products please contact

summer products oer parts rear license lamp kit


As if you needed another reason to get pulled over, don’t let the little things get you caught up for even more infractions. We’ve seen dozens of cars cruisin’ the Blvd with weak or non-existent license plate lights and now OER has a solution.

Instead of just changing the bulb, swap our your whole assembly with their new reproduction of rear license lamp kits for Chevrolet vehicles in the 66-73 range. This is not only a direct replacement, but also a very detail oriented piece which features a correctly designed lends which comes complete with original factory “SAE” markings.

Each housing unit comes with a plated housing, rear reflector, OEM style lens as well as the correct wiring pigtail. In addition, it is an officially licensed General Motors Product so you know it’s a quality unit that wears its name proudly. Be sure to visit their site for a list of all applications because the list is long and my word count for this story short. For more information on all OER Products, please visit with

summer products ididit inc


If you know where you’re headed but have no control, it’s a bad situation to be in — which is exactly why you should take extreme care of your steering column. That said, this is exactly why the leaders in steering columns, ididit, has created an exclusive blend of lubricants which includes this engine assembly grease born from a collaborative effort with Joe Gibbs racing.

With cutting edge lubricant technology and advanced wear-properties, it’s a race proven lubricant which is sure to give your optimal performance while extending the lifespan of your steering column — probably the most important part of your car’s mechanicals aside from your brakes.

Since 1986 ididit has been the leaders — and producers — of the finest steering system products in the game and now they’ve added this exciting new lubricant it’s sure to have you steering clear of any future problems. Please steer over to

summer products holley vr1 fuel pump


Holley is a brand known for putting out innovative and quality products you can trust, and now they’ve introduced a new series of fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators and fuel filters to support your fuel system.

The VR1 and VR2 fuel pumps are truly powerhouse units that feature brushless pump technology and a twin-screw rotor design. This design allows them to maintain pressures up to 130 psi and flow up to 323 GPH at 13.8 volts. If even more flow is required, the VR2 pump is capable of nearly 425 GPH when it is running at 18.5 volts.

To support the level of fuel flow that the VR Series pumps are capable of, Holley designed matching VR Series fuel pressure regulators for both fuel-injected and carbureted applications. The carbureted regulators are adjustable from 4-9 psi, while the fuel injected regulators are adjustable from 40-100 psi.

Now that’s a lot of technical information that only gear heads would understand, but if we were to break it down to laymen terms all we can say is that these units can handle much more than we’ll push anytime soon so trust us when we say that these bullet-proof fuel products will last you a lifetime.

Please visit more Holley performance products at