The heart of any lowrider is the wire wheel. While some would argue that the candy paint, chrome, or flake is what truly defines a lowrider, the bottom line is you can do any of those mods, but without a set of wires it’s just NOT a lowrider.

For those of you who have been around long enough, you’ll probably be keen enough to know the 14-inch wire wheel and 520 tire size has long been the “heart and soul” of the lowrider movement. Wire wheels are one of the main reasons we can lay our cars down low, and factually speaking, over the past 45 years, 520 tires have become the literal support system for thousands of lowriders across the world, which have collectively amassed millions of miles.

coker classic tires 520 premium sport 4 ply nylon thread pattern

While the 520 may appear to be the same cosmetically, technologically it has evolved into something so much better than when it was first introduced. Today, the Coker 520 Premium Sport Tire has been the undisputed safest American-made lowrider tire anywhere in the world. The leader in collector vehicle tires and wheels, Coker Tire Company knows when it’s time to make a change for the better—even if it means improving something in their existing product line.

The new-and-improved Premium Sport tire is a testament to Coker’s devotion to customer satisfaction and it proves to be the ultimate choice for lowrider enthusiasts and collector car enthusiasts alike—and we’re not bragging, it’s a simple fact. The brand-new Coker Premium Sport features an improved eight-ply rating for increased load capacity and when it comes to safety and tread wear, well, they’re leading that segment as well.

coker classic tires 520 premium sport 4 ply nylon 14

Coker has long been committed to producing a quality, rolling product that supports the Lowrider movement. Always in stock and ready to ship, the retail price remains at $125 each, and the classic tread pattern provides a traditional look that provides excellent aesthetics and performance when it comes to traditional lowriders, bombs or customs.


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