Parts to a Dream

Essential parts for building and maintaining your dream ride

Here’s a short compilation of parts and distributors you should know about. Although you may not need them now, it’s always good to know about the latest parts in the game so we’ve put together a short list of companies that might have what you need.

Make: NOS Impala Parts

Model: various parts


Overview: Scavenging for parts for your classic Impala has never been easer, so stop wasting time trying to refurbish bad parts and check out the fellas at NOS Impala Parts. With a complete lineup of emblems, bumpers, moldings, sheetmetal, accessories, and more, these guys have what you need.

They’ve got parts for your 1958-1976 Chevrolet Impala, and included in their extensive catalog are parts for your Biscayne, El Camino, Station Wagon, or Caprice.

Uncontested and unmatched when it comes to parts, they not only have the largest collection of parts and accessories for classic vehicles, but they have a customer service department that is knowledgeable and willing to help.

So save your knuckles, spare your brain from scouring through the net-and junkyards-and spend more time getting the parts you need so you can get to enjoying your ride.

Make: MSD Performance

Model: Black Chevy Distributors


Overview: A faulty, old, or underperforming distributor can turn your showroom sensation into a limp nightmare, so be sure to scope out MSD’s new Black Chevy Distributors.

Created by the authority in high-performance engine parts, MSD has long been the benchmark, and it’s with good reason. Take these new distributors as an example. Crafted from CNC machined billet aluminum, the easy-to-adjust distributors feature a polished steel shaft and sealed ball bearing. In addition, the maintenance-free magnetic pickup never requires adjusting and they offer two models: PN 85555 and PN 83603. So step with pep and put a little action to your performance by installing one of these new units.

Make: CleanTools

Model: The Absorber


Overview: Stop drying your car with beach towels and old T-shirts and get The Absorber. With proper care these drying cloths will last for years and they absorb 50 percent more water than towels or those funky-smelling chamois.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should already be familiar with The Absorber. These superior drying towels consist of a material that creates less friction on the finish and it won’t pull off the wax. Not only have they become the trusted brand in car drying, but they’ve also been the leaders in their market. Besides, your paintjob is one of the most highly priced investments on your car, so protect it by making sure you give it a regular wash and dry it up with the best products in the game.