Essential Parts of the Puzzle

A highlight of some of the best, new aftermarket parts for your next project.

Building a lowrider is sort of like putting together a puzzle—just with more options. And while your parts may come in a box, the biggest difference is the fact that there’s a multitude of options to choose from and this is where you have to find out what piece fits not only your car or bike, but also your budget.

In this issue, we will be highlighting three products that are perfect for your next build. So regardless of whether you’re building a bike or a bomb, be sure to check out Arnott’s new air suspension, the Lowrider Series engine by BluePrint Lowrider engine, and add a little spark to your engine bay with Accel’s new SuperCoil. Here’s a breakdown of what they have to offer.

Make: Arnott Industries

Model: Air Suspension


Overview: If you’re looking to do an altitude adjustment on your V-Rod Harley, then the gents at Arnott have a great solution. As the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles, their latest introduction, the Ultimate Ride Series, features adjustable FOX shocks.

The kit features Arnott’s TruAIR technology and it is available with and without rebound control. During the design process, their engineers designed the kits with 2.5 inches of shock travel, allowing the tire to get close and intimate with the fender-but never touching, regardless of the year of the V-Rod.

There are two custom nitrogen-charged FOX shock absorbers at the core of Arnott’s Ultimate Ride kits for V-Rods. Using a patent-pending design, Arnott adds a rugged multi-ply Goodyear air spring to each, which provides the rider with the capability to raise and lower the shock and bike with Arnott’s onboard compressor and handlebar-mounted inflation switch. For added ride comfort, Arnott also offers Ultimate Ride kits with FOX’s rebound adjustment dials so the rider can quickly and easily modify the internal rebound damping characteristics of the shocks.

Make: Summit Racing

Model: Lowrider Series Engines


Overview: There was a time when dousing your Impala in some candy paint and slapping on a set of wire wheels was good enough-but that was so long ago. Nowadays, the performance aspect of your ride is an essential part of planning a build and now there’s a solution.

While some may opt for a rebuild, there are others that just don’t have the time, patience, or trust when it comes to getting to dealing with shops. That said, Lowrider teamed up with BluePrint Engines to create a beast of a motor that will drop right in.

These licensed “Lowrider Series” crate engines worked together to develop four 350ci small-block Chevrolet engines that combine high performance with a splash of exclusive Lowrider style. The engines come complete from air cleaner to oil pan; drop one in your car in the morning and you can be out cruising that evening.

All Lowrider Series crate engines are based on cast iron blocks with four-bolt main caps and one-piece rear main seals. The main bearing bores are align-honed, and the cylinder bores are CNC honed to within 0.0002-inch straightness and roundness. The rotating assembly features a new cast steel crank, new steel connecting rods, and a new hypereutectic piston and ring set.

The Lowrider Series engines are available in two versions:

350 cid/332 hp

This engine is rated at 332 hp and 359 lb-ft of torque. It’s available with a 600-cfm Holley carburetor on an Edelbrock Performer dual-plane intake manifold or FiTech EFI on an Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake. Other features include: 9.5:1 compression; Vortec cast-iron heads with 64cc chambers, 2.022 intake/1.602 exhaust valves; flat tappet camshaft: .4802/.4862 lift, 224o/230o duration at .050; polished aluminum valve covers with engraved Lowrider logo; polished aluminum air cleaner; HEI distributor; harmonic balancer; steel oil pan; timing cover

350 cid/410 hp

Dyno-tested to make 410 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque, this engine is also available with a 600-cfm Holley carburetor/Edelbrock Performer manifold or FiTech EFI/Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap setup. Other features include: 9.5:1 compression; BluePrint aluminum heads with 64cc chambers, 2.022 intake/1.602 exhaust valves; flat tappet camshaft: .5282/.5362 lift, 221o/226o duration at .050; polished aluminum valve covers with engraved Lowrider logo; chrome air cleaner; HEI distributor; spark plugs and ignition wires; harmonic balancer; steel oil pan; timing cover

BluePrint Lowrider Series Crate Engines come with a dyno test sheet and are covered by a 30-month/50,000-mile warranty. That’s a lot of cruising time.

Make: Accel

Model: SuperCoils


Overview: The ignition coil of your vehicle may be small but it’s instrumental when it comes to your ignition system. The coil is what is responsible for transforming low voltage from a battery and turning it into the thousands of volts required to make an electric spark in your spark plugs. From there, it is essentially what sparks the fuel and gives your power.

That said, ACCEL has just released their late-model SuperCoils and they available in blue or black. Though different in appearance, they remain the same high-quality output coils you’d expect from ACCEL, you can find them now for many engine applications, including the Ford Coyote, and 3.5/3.7L applications are now available in black or blue and Hemi and LS versions are available in black.

Like all ACCEL SuperCoils, they feature highly specialized silicone-magnetic steel cores, optimized windings, pinpoint-precise resistance, and engineered turn ratios. All of these features aid in unleashing your engine’s maximum horsepower potential. They are available for purchase individually or in sets of eight.