Clayton Machine Works Accessories – The Devil is in the Details

It's the sum of all parts that makes our lowriders what they are and Clayton Machine Works is here to serve it up one accessory at a time.

When it comes to car customization just remember that the devil is in the details and the final product is a sum of all parts chosen. It’s about the way we combine components that makes the magic happen. It’s about the way the paint scheme coincides with the pinstriping; and much like a wire wheel is incomplete without the knockoff, and a hopper is no good without a full charge. It’s the small things that develop into the bigger picture, and the same can be said of the parts and accessories found throughout a car.

That said, Clayton Machine Works is a company you should already be familiar with. As the purveyor of the finest parts and accessories for hot rods and classic cars, Clayton Machine Works offers a barrage of components and accessories, which include interior lights, interior door handles, interior vents, trim pieces, and more. Among those products, there are dozens that get my stamp of approval, but here’s a breakdown of my top four choices for this issue.

1. Clayton Machine Billet Aluminum Interior Trim Molding

Interior trim molding is often overlooked and it’s simply because no one has ever produced anything worthwhile … till now. Clayton Machine Works offers aluminum interior moldings that come in two different finishes: Smooth and Grooved.

All of their pieces are machined using 6063-T0 aluminum and have a mill finish. The moldings can be easily shaped for any body contour, polished to a mirror finish, and installation is as easy as peeling the 3M high-strength adhesive backing and applying some pressure. Should you decide to take a more permanent approach, customizers can opt to drill 3/32-inch holes in which the moldings will be anchored using a #4 sheetmetal screw, if desired. Available in 4- and 6-foot lengths, they also come in both 1/4-inch tall and 1/4-inch wide.

2. Clayton Machine Works Elliptical Door Handles

Get rid of your dated and sterile-looking door handles by getting a set of Clayton Machine elliptical interior door handles. They feature aluminum construction with durable chrome plating-and include brushed aluminum and black bezel inserts that can be painted or upholstered to give them a true customized appearance. All Clayton Machine products are masterfully produced with unique craftsmanship, and the fit and finishes are amazing. Their door handles work best with cable-actuated latches (bear claw or similar), or you can retrofit a push rod/linkage system to these handles with minor modification to the linkage (not the handle).

3. Clayton Machine Works Elliptical Air Conditioning Vents

Direct your airflow in style with a set of elliptical air conditioning vents from Clayton. Featuring durable chrome plating and adjustable airflow, the inner bezel can also be removed and painted for a custom interior approach. These units fit the standard 2 1/2-inch A/C duct hoses; the dimensions are 4×1.6 inches. Featuring unmatched styling and functionality, all mounting hardware and templates are included in each kit for the easiest installation.

4. Clayton Machine Works Elliptical Dome Lights

Illuminate your driver’s compartment with Clayton Machine interior lights. They feature aluminum construction and durable chrome plating, with a frosted lens for light disbursement. The lights include a bulb and wiring for most 12V sources. Dimensions: 4 1/2 x 2 x 3/4 inches.

So now that we’ve given you a breakdown of some cool and very necessary interior components from Clayton, step up your game and give your interior the attention it deserves. You won’t be disappointed with the fit, finish, and functionality of these incredible products, so get familiar with Clayton Machine Works because they’re a company built on the quality products they create and they’ve set a benchmark by which they command, and never demand, the respect they so rightfully deserve.