Cool Cars Engineering is the manufacturer/distributor for CCE hydraulics and CCE Air Systems. Established 15 years ago in Louisville, Kentucky, they go all-out for complete customer satisfaction. They use only the finest quality parts, such as Marzocchi pump-heads, Oil Systems Italian dumps, Parker air valves, Accurate solenoids, Parker hoses, fittings, and have their own laser-cut suspension brackets. They offer you the best technical support possible for customers. Being an established business with a dedicated shipping staff allows them to ship orders out the same day payment is received. Here is a close look at some of the best quality Hydraulics components out there in today’s market.

Hydraulic Automotive Suspensions have been around for more than 50 years. Though we have come a long way in performance and built-to-last components, installation is still a key factor when it comes to reliability and comfort. Do you have the right weight balance of coil springs front and back with shocks all the way around? Yes! If you can relocate your front shock’s worth of brackets you can experience a great ride that will compare to the best air suspension setup out there. At the end of the road, battery acid holes on your pants and oils stains on your shirt makes a real lowrider man! … Just my opinion.

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aircraft components cce pumphead 001

CCE Pumphead

After years of hopping and dancing cars and trucks, CCE Hydraulics introduces the next generation of pumpheads to the lowrider industry. This is a CCE exclusive design. The CCE #11 has a unique design that consists of a completely different mounting bolt pattern configuration designed only to work with their new CCE blocks for maximum performance. The new E-Shape seal, along with the larger inlet port, allows for maximum pressure performance. The new CCE #11 will work in all applications, whether you are a cruiser or a hopper. This gear will have the reliability and performance your lowrider is looking for.

aircraft components carrier bearing 002

aircraft components slip yoke 003

’59-64 Impala Carrier Bearing And Slip Yoke

On ’59-64 Chevy Bel Airs, Impalas, and Biscaynes, the driveshaft is a two-piece unit that runs through the frame. When the rear end is raised the driveshaft moves downward. As the driveshaft moves downward, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the carrier bearing. The carrier bearing that came from the factory in these cars was never meant to take this stress and will rip out under pressure. The carrier bearing they offer is a one-piece aluminum part with a polyurethane bushing that is 70 percent stronger than stock. Using this will provide strength where the driveshaft goes through the frame, but will not solve all problems. To make this two-piece driveshaft system work trouble-free, you also need to add a “slip yoke” to your driveshaft yoke that is splined and connected to the driveshaft by another spline piece so that they can slide in and out of each other when the car raises or lowers to keep from pulling on the carrier bearing.

aircraft components trailing arm 005aircraft components trailing arm 004

Upper and Lower Adjustable Trailing Arms

CCE’s trailing arms are designed to fully adjust your pinion angles anytime you want a higher lookup and are recommended for three-wheeling. These trailing arms come with polyurethane bushing, which is a heavy-duty rubber that doesn’t wear and tear as fast as the OEM. CCE’s trailing arms are made with 1/4-inch DOM and 1 and 1/2-inch DOM, sleeve ends 2-inch outer diameter and 1/4-inch wall.

aircraft components coilover setup 006

Coilover Setup

The rear coilover setup is your best choice for rear suspension applications. The C.O. Setup is design to allow the cylinder shaft to pivot freely side-to-side and three-wheel without your coil springs popping out of the spring pocket. CCE’s coilover setup consists of top, bottom, and swivel ball cups. A must-have for the rear suspension of any lowrider.

aircraft components led 4 switch panel 007

LED 4 Switch Panels

Complete the looks of your lowrider custom dash with this new LED switch panel. The 4 Switch mount panel allows you to change to the LED color that best fits the color of your custom interior.

aircraft components extended coilver setup 008

Extended Coilover Setup

The extended coilover setup is a different variation from the normal coilover, which allows the cup to sit all the way over the swivel cup. The main purpose of the Extended coilover setup is that CCE’s exclusive Coil Over Design Cup will allow larger vehicles to achieve a better ride by adding 11/2 turns of coil for a more comfortable ride or simply just to sit lower.

aircraft components optima yellow top 009

Optima Batteries: It’s All About the “Yellow Top”

The power demands of today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are greater than ever, and Optima Batteries delivers. Optima batteries utilizes patented Spiralcell Technology, which provides a strong, clean power source that far surpasses any of today’s lead/acid batteries. That means Optima starting and deep-cycle batteries have the power you need to run high-performance Hydaulic systems, high-output stereo equipment, LCD screens, and more. Optima Batteries feature a spill-proof, vibration-resistant case for added safety and they also last twice the lifespan of comparable batteries. Let Optima RedTop, YellowTop, or BlueTop Batteries meet your power demands! To get amped up, visit