When it comes to the right components in an air suspension kit for your ride, get the best quality products your installer prefers and your ride deserves!

air suspension essentials viair 444c compressor 001

The VIAir 444C Compressor


Who doesn’t love an amazing 2-for-1 deal? ViAir 444C dual-performance value-pack air systems furnish you with two identical air compressors for your lowrider on-board air suspension system. The versatile 12V compressors can operate on their own, or connect to an air tank (10 gallons max). For some applications, you may want both compressors running off the same tank. The head assembly features a newly developed intercooler for more efficiency. Choose from either a polished chrome or stealth black finish-and remember, when the pressure’s on, make sure you’re equipped with ViAir … “the heart of your pneumatic system.”

ViAir 444C dual-performance value-pack air systems include:

  • Two 444C compressors
  • Two stainless steel braided leader hoses with inline check valve
  • Two air filter assemblies
  • Two remote mount brackets
  • Two remote mount fittings
  • Four spare air filter elements
  • Six airline clips
  • Eight sets of nuts, bolts, washers, and lock washers

air suspension essentials universal air suspension air spring bags 002

Universal Air Suspension Air Spring/Bags


Universal airbags manufactured specifically for car guys by car guys! Universal Air Suspension was founded in early 2000 with one goal in mind: Manufacture an air spring that will out perform all others. Universal Air is operated out of a 15,000-square-foot facility in San Bernardino, California, where they manufacture airbags and distribute all air suspension accessories. They specialize in air spring that extends several inches higher than any other bag in its size class. Allowing for the extra clearance required without having to run a “Triple Bellow” Universal Airs quality oil resistance synthetic material and high-quality construction of air spring bags are all over the world. Today’s automotive suspensions require ride height, comfort, and handling. Made in the USA.

air suspension essentials e level by accuair leveling system 003

E-Level By Accuair-Electronic Leveling System Four-Corner Package with Touch Pad System


Operation of the e-Level system is simple, yet its features are constantly working to provide you with the perfect ride height in all conditions. Because the e-Level system utilizes height sensors instead of pressure sensors, changes in load are accurately corrected for. The adjustments made by an e-Level controller are so accurate that each wheel maintains its height within 1/8 inch and actually prevents cross-loading of air springs at a higher accuracy than any other method. This is all made possible because the system calibrates to the vehicle upon installation and then learns how your air suspension behaves over time (similar to the technology used in today’s advanced fuel injection systems). This flexibility allows the e-Level controller to be used on any vehicle with a wide variety of valve speeds and requires NO user tuning.

air suspension essentials accuair manifold valve system 004

Accuair Manifold Valve System

URL www.accuair.com

The Accuair 4, corner control solenoid valve system 4-Corner Valve Unit, is engineered to provide the cleanest installation and most reliable operation on the market. This electronic solenoid valve unit inflates and deflates up to (four) individual Air Springs and has built-in push-to-connect 3?8-inch DOT-approved air fittings for all of its plumbing connections. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble-tight sealing, and guarantees operation up to 200 psi for millions of cycles. All of this technology is housed in a unique enclosure design, which routes each of the solenoid wires to a single weatherproof connector, eliminating typically loose wires. This not only improves the appearance, but it also guarantees proper operation for every installation.

In our opinion, a quality air suspension product and the right installer will give you a great and dependable ride. If you prefer a bolt-on kit to keep the investment value on your classic ride, go with air. Whatever gets you down on the ground is all that really matters. We are in this thing for looks anyway!