In the Lowriding community there’s a saying, “Style before safety.” When guys are working on restoring their rides the last thing on their mind is safety. Safety is something you can’t neglect, it’s not just the law it’s also common sense.

Automotive safety technology has come a long way in the last 50 years. Today’s vehicles are loaded up with safety restraints, air bags, crumple zones, and other gadgets to keep you safe in case of an accident. While a lot of modern innovations like engine and suspension technology from newer cars are being adapted and fitted onto classic rides, it seems that modern safety devices are the last thing people are thinking about changing over. This is where SeatBeltsPlus comes in.

For more than 10 years SeatBeltsPlus has been offering high-quality aftermarket seat belts that meet strict US federal safety standards and regulations. Don’t be fooled by the competition, unlike most aftermarket seat belt makers whom manufacture their products overseas, SeatBeltsPlus’s belts are sewn, assembled and finished in Jupiter Florida, USA and they are sold for the lowest price possible without making any compromises to their quality.

SeatbeltsPlus’s belts are available in a wide variety of custom lengths to fit any application, and their seat belt webbing is available in over thirty different colors which helps make them the perfect compliment for custom paintjobs and interiors. SeatbeltsPlus also offers a line of restoration quality seat belt webbing for those wanting to give their ride a vintage look and feel.

So the next time you’re working on a badass custom ride don’t’ forget to think about your safety, hit up SeatBeltsPlus at to make sure you get all your bases covered.