In this month’s Shop Talk, we went to Low Life Hydraulics in Inglewood, California, to get their low-down on everything Hydraulics. Opened in 2004, Low life Hydraulics has since established itself as one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulics and lowrider products in the industry. With more than 40 years combined experience under their roof and with half of those years belonging to owner Rick Burell; it’s safe to say that the guys over at Low Life know what they’re doing when it comes to hydraulics.

Perhaps best known for their piston pumps and their remote reservoir revolver setup, Low Life prides itself on having the largest stock of hydraulic setup parts in California. Whether you need a full on hydraulic kit or just something small like a motor or a solenoid, you can count on them to have it in stock. The guys at Low Life are also masters at building custom hydraulic setups to fit any of their customers’ individual needs.

As you can see from our visit, this shop is not just a hydraulics supply company either, they’re also talented car builders. From hydraulic installation, paint, custom setups, and molded frames, Low Life has the ability to take a car and breathe new life into it by rebuilding and restoring it from the ground up into a one-of-a-kind machine. Being involved in a number of noteworthy builds in the Lowrider community such as “Hustle Hard,” “Van Gogh 1 & 2,” “Sky’s the Limit,” and more, Low Life’s resume of cars speaks for itself in terms of the quality of work that the Low Life team can deliver.

If you’re looking for somebody who can help you with your hydraulic needs or if you need some help getting your ride into show-quality condition, then give Rick and his team at Low Life Hydraulics a call.