One of the most important aspects of a healthy engine is proper “breathing.” Maximizing your intake air temperatures and air flow is one of the most cost effective ways to ensure maximum power for your engine regardless of size or power. Cold air is more dense than warmer air, and carries more oxygen. The more oxygen that you can cram into your cylinder the more power your engine will make.

There are many fine air intakes out there to choose from, but while at the SEMA Show late last year, we came across a Spectra Performance intake that caught our attention. The Power Adder universal air intake is perfect for cars that have some room in the engine compartment. These universal systems are designed to be built to your individual needs.

We tried this setup in a first generation Chevy Monte Carlo, hoping that the car would perform better, but without a dyno run, we had no way to verify. We started off gung-ho, but quickly found out that the brackets from the serpentine setup were in the way and that the intake would not work properly. We opted to use the intake base and two Power Adder intake filters, as this still gave the engine a custom look while delivering more oxygen.

When it’s all said and done, we would recommend this Spectra Performance intake system to someone who was about to start in on a performance engine compartment. This will allow you to take advantage of all of the tubing that comes with the kit and will also allow you to pull better air from the front of the car.