Keepin’ a Low Profile

Are you tired of driving your car up on a brick (or a 2×4) just to fit the jack underneath? If so, the latest release from OEMTools is the ticket. This 2-ton, low-profile jack has the capability of lifting up to 2 tons with ease—and with minimal effort. Perfect for the garage mechanic, and sturdy enough for shop use, this jack is equipped with rear swivel casters so repositioning comes with ease. Aside from the low profile, this jack is packed with plenty of perks, including a minimum height of 3 inches and a maximum height of 24 inches! A definite must have for any garage space, so get yours now!

Jump-Starter & Power Bank

Go to any car show or cruise and there always seems to be someone who either needs a jump-start or a charger for his or her phone. Well now OEMTools has a great solution with the introduction of their PPS-X Personal Power Source.

The unit is perfect for emergencies and it’s a handy power source that comes with their unique Smart Jump cables. In addition to jump-starting cars (even with diesel and V-8 engines), the unit can also recharge mobile phones and laptops and it’s TSA friendly, so you can travel with it. Inside the sleek packaging, it houses a rechargeable 18,000-mAh lithium-ion battery, thus providing longer life and the ability to hold a charge for up to a year. The battery bank also comes with an energy-efficient LED flashlight with multiple modes, including steady light stream, a strobe, and SOS. The easy-to-use Smart Jump cables ensure a proper charge to protect against overheating and the unit is smart enough to only operate if clamps and battery posts are connected properly, to avoid sparking and prevent personal injury.


  • The 18,000-mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery jump-starts a V-6 engine up to 40 times and a V-8 engine up to 20 times, and can even jump-start a diesel engine
  • Output ports: 19V-3.5A, 12V-10A, USB 5V-2A, and 5V-1A
  • Dual ports for charging a smartphone and electronic device (including a laptop) at the same time
  • Universal AC/DC adapters (set of eight)
  • Charges USB-powered devices two times faster than a wall outlet
  • Set contains: 18,000-mAh Li-Ion battery power bank, 5V-2A USB port with pigtail adapters, wall charger, auto charger, built-in flashlight, Smart Jumper Cables, zippered compact storage case, black case, 19V-3.5A output
  • 450 cold cranking amps and 900 peak amps
  • Powerful, high-capacity Nano lithium battery; fast charging with up to 1,500 charging cycles
  • Ip-65 water-resistant housing. Power ports: (2) 5V/2a-1a, 12V/10 a, and 12V jump-starter
  • Dimensions: 8 (L) x 1.5 (H) x 3.75 (W)

Let There Be Light

My friend once brought over a $10 novelty flashlight he bought on an infomercial. He was eager to show it off, so I took a look. I turned it on, shined it into the backyard, handed it back to him, and asked him if his daughter knew her flashlight was missing. As he stood there in shock, I told him it was cute and asked if they made them for men. Needless to say, he threw it away.

Seriously folks, stop buying cheap little flashlights that promise the world only to be tricked every few years. Invest in a quality light and it’ll pay itself off over time. A great example is the OEMTools 24648 Rechargeable Multi-Head Work Light Set. Designed for functionality and ease-of-use, this multihead work light with magnetic base features a quick-release coupler, so you can effortlessly change between lighting accessories.

The powerful 350 Lumens Flashlight attachment has a 150m beam distance and is drop-resistant to 1 m. Stuck in a tight spot? Pull the quick-release coupler to detach the flashlight, and snap in the 15-inch Flex Light attachment. The flexible extension lets you maneuver the focusing lens through a small passageway to get 180 lumens of light where you need it. The dual-function inspection light attachment has a max output of 350 lumens and features a UV setting. This all-in-one work light set includes everything you need—from everyday tasks to A/C leak detection. This kit includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charging cord, adapter, and a magnetic 180-degree swivel hook for hands-free operation.


  • Quick-Attachment Coupler allows for easy accessory transition
  • 15-inch Flexible Extension Attachment illuminates hard-to-reach areas and features a focusing lens
  • Dual Function Inspection Light Attachment produces 350 lumens and features a UV setting
  • Powerful flashlight attachment produces 350 lumens
  • Accessories included: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB charging cord, adapter, and magnetic 180-degree swivel hook