You’ve got the body straight, the paint pristine, the seats have been revamped, and the carpets are brand new, and when you turn the key it fires up like a dream, but what about your gauges?

We’ve seen our fair share of custom cars that neglect their dashboard game and that’s like riding a horse with no saddle. OK…that actually might be an understatement. The instrument cluster of your lowrider (or any car) is a logistics center that tells you what’s going on with your ride. From fuel level to oil pressure, battery condition to your car’s speed, the instrumentation on your car is just as important as your tires and engine, so don’t skimp out or you’ll regret it.

Besides, nothing beats the feel of taking out your fresh build and seeing the dashboard come alive at night. Gauges not only tell us what’s going on with our vehicle, but they also enhance the ambiance of your car. Seeing the dashboard of your classic car light up like a jet fighter is priceless. The gauges, lights, and the interior are the components we spend the most time with, and they’re creature comforts that are necessary and well worth the money and time invested.

Luckily for us, we no longer have to fix old gauges. Instead, we’ve got Dakota Digital. Their gauges have become the benchmark of quality builds and they have systems designed specifically for your Impala, Caprice, and many other popular classic platforms.

With their new VHX system, they fit perfectly into factory dashboards with absolutely no modifications. If you take a look at their digital gauge ’61-’62 Impala instruments, you’ll find that they come complete with upper speedometer, voltmeter, fuel level, and message centers display units that utilize the stock trim ring. Down below, their lower displays come with the necessary tachometer, oil pressure, and water temp gauges that include machined aluminum/chromed instrument housings.

With fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers, these incredibly well-crafted gauges are just a part of what they offer in their VHX series. By integrating yesterday’s look and feel with today’s technology, a few of the features that you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled limited lifetime warranty that has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems. Completely engineered and manufactured for a direct fit into the lowrider series of 1958 Impalas through 1976 Caprices, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry!

The Dashboard on your classic Impala must light up like a fighter jet! Go electronic! Go digital! Go Dakota Digital!

Here’s how Dakota Digital’s VHX gauge cluster looks in a ’58 Impala.

This is what the ’59 Dakota Digital VHX cluster looks like.

This ’61 Impala gauge cluster is looking pretty slick.

Clean as a whistle. This VHX cluster would look awesome in your ’63 Impala.

Your ’65’s interior would look like a fighter jet with this VHX cluster installed.

Check out the slick odometer in this ’66 VHX Impala cluster.

Simple, sophisticated, and accurate, this ’67 VHX cluster would look right at home in your Impala or Caprice.

Your engine and interior will thoroughly benefit from the addition of this ’68 Impala/Caprice VHX cluster.

Pretty stealthy and state of the art is this ’69 Impala/Caprice VHX cluster.

Don’t think parts availability for a later model ’71 Caprice/Impala is limited. Check ou tthis ’71 Impala/Caprice VHX cluster.