With a true commitment to design, quality, and excellence, Clayton Machine Works is taking it to the next level by creating some of the most innovative lowrider/hot rod accessory parts available. Clayton Machine Works was created from a passion fueled by design, as well as an obsession for the classic automobile.

Follow along from this Lowrider Garage Exclusive Web Tech, as we install a set of Clayton Machine Works EL-502 Elliptical Door Handles. All you will need to do is bring along a drill, bit and screwdriver.

1) Claytons door handles come with everything except a Philips head screw driver, a drill & bit, and a pair of crimpers. You will also need to head out to the local Hardware store and purchase 2 each stainless steel cables along with the eye hole crimp sleeves as shown here.

2) Make sure to measure the length of your door handle placement area and the distance to your door loophole latch. Add a foot more to that length so that you have room for the loop as shown. You can cut the excess cable off after.

3) Remove the rubber cap from the top of the Clayton style handle. You will find 2 each Philips head screws for you to remove.

4) After removing the 2 screws, remove the handle and then you will have one last screw to remove the inset base from the backing plate.

5) This backing plate can be used as a template to mark where you will place your door handle on the inside door panel of your car.

6) After you outline and mark your drill hole spots as shown, drill out the 4 holes so you can mount the backing plate to your door.

7) Once you fasten the backing plate to your door panel insert the cable at both ends, (door latch and handle eye holes) slide in the cable through the sleeves and crimp one end. Put a small amount of tension before you crimp the second portion of the sleeve. Fasten back on the base section, then the handle itself and pop your cap back on. Note: All handle installations may very but are an easy and basic install. Clayton Machine Works Elliptical door handles do come with easy instructions also. For more info please visit www.claytonmachine.com or just call (256) 772-1878