Since 1988, New Port Engineering has been producing replacement kits for windshield wipers, taking those old vacuum motors and replacing them with 12-volt electric wiper kits. Instead of relying on a universal kit, their assemblies are designed to fit the specific year and model for your car or truck. In being so specific they try to make installation as easy as possible for you, avoiding any extra modifications you might encounter. New Ports Wiper applications are designed to mount in the stock location and use the existing linkage and transmissions or OEM cables. They also have bolt-on fitment applications for the more popular Chevy models from 1958 on through 1968 too.

For this months Lowrider “Resto” Garage segment, we decided to show you an install feature on their windshield wiper kit. There are more lowriders driven today than at any other time, since car owners prefer to cruise the scene and streets and get their money’s worth from their ride. When restoring, or just fixing up a ride to enjoy, we all seem to overlook the windshield wipers on our vehicles because it’s usually show, go, or bust! But what happens when the clouds come and you have no wipers?

The wipers and the motors on your ride are old and need replacing, but it wasn’t that important until the day you drove your car quite a few miles away from your garage. Well next time, you don’t have to change your cruising plans a little earlier than expected because of a few clouds overhead. Think New Port for your windshield wiper fix. The install only takes as long as you take to detail you car. Check out this make- and model-specific true bolt-in kit. Remember, don’t let April shower keep your lowrider in the garage.

Follow along as we install the New Port Engineering wiper motor on this 1968 Impala Super Sport. This will probably be the easiest installation you could ever perform on your ride. And when you are cruising down the highway and the rainclouds open up, you’ll be glad you did.

1. Begin the installation by disconnecting your wiper blades. Then remove the bolts that fasten your linkage drive wiper arm assembly to the wiper motor.

2. Disconnect the wire connection that leads from your firewall to your old motor. Then remove the three bolts that hold your old motor to the firewall and remove it out of the way.

3. Take the New Port Wiper pump and seal the opening where the wiper motor shaft protrudes through the body and apply a bead of silicone caulking to the flat disc of the wiper motor.

4. Then, install the New Port Engineering wiper motor into the original mounting bracket and secure it in place with the supplied mounting hardware provided. The gasket in the previous step should seal the opening on your firewall.

5. Seat the wiper linkage arm over the wiper motor shaft fully (there are flats on the shaft). Secure the linkage arm to the shaft by installing the provided lock nut and tightening it back up again.

6. Mount the switch in the dash, secure with the provided bezel nut, then install the knob. Run the wire connections through the firewall and under the dash to connect the switch.

7. Connect the new wire assembly onto your new motor wire connector and you’re set to go anywhere, no matter if there’s a chance of rain.