Turning Over A 35-year-old Barn Find – Diamond Jubillee In The Rough – Lowrider Garage

Lucas Oil will crank over Your Classic

Modern day automobile barn finds are getting increasingly more rare and harder to find, but they are still out there, as we show you with this recently found 1978 Lincoln Continental. This Lincoln was a true find because there were only 20,000 miles on it. If any of you garage or driveway mechanics ever come across a vehicle in which the motor hasn’t been turned over in years, then follow along with this helpful Tech tip after you pick up the right products from Lucas to help you crank over your classic too!

1. After stopping at Pep Boys, we grabbed a few things that we would need to start this car; new sparkplug wires, plugs, and Lucas Hot Rod Oil.

2. The engine compartment was washed off to remove any spiders that can bite you while working on the car.

3. Since this car had not been turned on for 20 years, the valve covers were removed and oil had been sent through the heads’ oil valleys. By doing this, you can help prevent starting the car’s engine dry, or metal-on-metal.

4. All of the visible moving parts were sprayed with Lucas Oil’s “Tool Box Buddy” spray lube.

5. The cylinder walls were lubed overnight, allowing the oil to flow down, eliminating a dry start.

6. Once everything was lubed, it was time to put it all back together.

7. The crank was turned manually. This allowed the engine cylinder walls to get a coating of lubrication.

8. After sitting for years, the engine was ready to be cranked over.

9. The gas tank was drained, fuel lines blown clean, and fresh gas was added to it; including a Lucas Fuel cleaner.

10. With a new fresh battery in the car, the engine was cranked.