You heard right tech that you can do your self in an afternoon. We took a drive to our local metal supply store Industrial Metal Supply (IMS) and with a vision we picked up some scrap metal that we knew would work. The results of searching through the remnants was all the metal that we needed to build a body stand.

When building a frame off restoration or custom these small investments come in handy. You could purchase a stand through retailers like Eastwood or directly through other manufacturers but if you have time and the welding skills you could build your self one in a few hours like we did. Some of the benefits include the fact that you could move the body around instead of having to leave it stationary.

In today’s D.I.Y tech we are going to show you how build your own stand for about $200-250 depending on all of the bells and whistle you want to add to your body stand. So let us show you and follow along as we build a stand in a few hours.

1. We stopped at IMS and picked up our metal supplies.

2. Victor helped us out with todays purchase.

3. When building small projects its sometimes better to look at the scrap section as we did.

4. While we where at IMS we looked at their caster collection to allow us a couple of options.

5. The bigger the wheel the more load that they can usually carry.

6. We started off by cutting down our metal sections.

7. Measure twice and cut once as we wanted to make sure that our body was at least a foot off the ground.

8. With all of our sleeves cut we laid them out to see what we needed for the design.

9. We used a drill press to drill out the holes for the bolts that will hold the bracket in place.

10. You can see how the bolt slips through the sleeve.

11. These pieces will attached to the body stand.

12. We drilled out the holes for our casters. This will allow us to remove them if needed in the future.

13. The first sleeves where welded to the caster plate.

14. We welded the tabs that will attach to the body mounts. We also used a space so we could have a good weld especially because this section carries most of the weight and stress.

15. This section was welded and allowed to cool off.

16. Luis started to assemble the body stand arm.

17. You need to allow the arms to cool off before assembling.

18. We added our casters to the stand arms.

19. Jesus measured the center off the cross brace.

20. Once we had a center we took the T-square and made sure that the piece was centered.

21. We tack welded the sleeves then followed up by welding it.

22. The rack was all welded up and was ready to be assembled.

23. Everything is adjustable so you can use this stand on a few different car bodies.

24. This stand came together in a couple of hours and only cost us about $250 to build. So with a good welding machine and grinder you to can build a stand for your needs.