This month, we stopped at Cool Cars of Louisville, Kentucky, in hopes of getting some insight from their expert crew regarding battery charging basics. Of course this topic would seem to be pretty elementary, but the Cool Cars staff reminded us that it can be an often overlooked aspect of car and engine care. “We get a lot of customers asking car care questions about the simple things that some of us have done so many times and we tend to take it for second nature,” they explained. We took this into consideration, and decided to inquire about the ins and outs of battery charging.

I know some of you are probably wondering why we would discuss something so seemingly unimportant. Well, think back and remember when you built your first car. I’m sure there were things that you didn’t know at the time and you wish you did. In this “How To” we are going to demonstrate the use of two different battery chargers that Cool Cars recommends and offers. The first charger will be the CCE 5/10 amp multi charger, and the second will be the CCE Industrial series 8 battery charger. Now follow along, as Cool Cars takes us back to basics.