In a quest to find a Lowrider fast enough to compete in the Castrol Top Car Challenge, presented by Castrol Syntec and Lowrider Magazine, we sifted through hundreds of submissions looking for the perfect contestant. Our answer to that search has come to us in the form of Art Medina of Northridge, CA., and his super charged white ’68 Caprice. The ideal candidate, Art’s Caprice pushes over 400 horsepower, fusing together the explosive blend of American Muscle Car speed and classic Lowrider styling. A lifetime builder with several cars to his credit, Art is certainly a candidate worthy of representing the Lowrider community in this big challenge.

This month, we followed Art as he worked at a break-neck pace to meet the deadlines necessary in order to get his car ready for the contest. Making the transition from the show to the quarter-mile is not an easy one, and Art had to make sure that his car met the safety requirements needed to get track clearance. With this in mind, Art realized that minor modifications were necessary to ensure that the 5,000 pound plus car would be safe enough to race during the grueling competitions that undoubtedly lay ahead. Upon the completion of these minor upgrades we’ll take the Caprice to the track, but for now, follow along as Art prepares the Chevy for the contest.

Remember to stay tuned next month as the contest is set to begin. Keep on top of the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge by logging onto the if you do you might have a shot at the $10K that Castrol is dishing out to one lucky reader who logs onto our website and votes for your favorite magazine as the winner.