Hard-lines on hydraulics really clean up the setup in your trunk, but even then, hydraulics still get a bad rap when it comes to leaks and rough rides. every car will handle and perform completely different to the last car. With hydraulics, it’s a constant learning process as you learn from every car that you have owned and fine tuned. With this particular ’56 Chevy bel air that “Indio” of Indio’s Custom Restorations (Fullerton, California) is working on, the lines kept coming loose through the vibration of the motor as well as the normal usage of the hydraulics.

The solution to this owner’s dilemma was to use seco seals’ copper bushings, which were designed for steel on steel use. seco’s gaskets are designed to work 100-percent of the time, nor ever wear out or need replacing in most situations. seco seals is the world leader in specialty manufacturing of high- pressure tube fitting gaskets for aerospace flight applications. seco seals makes gaskets for nasa, boeing, Lockheed and most major defense and aircraft companies.

If you’re ever working with aluminum an fittings, you can use seco seals’ bushings designed for aluminum, which are made of a little softer material that bonds to aluminum much better. both of these types of bushings or seals are designed to not come loose through the vibration of the engine or the hydraulic fluid running through the hard-lines.

With 37 years of experience under their belts and a record of 100-percent reliability for its products, seco seals is the real deal, and now you too can have aircraft quality and reliability for under a dollar per fitting. now follow along as Indio shows us how to play plumber and get rid of all those unwanted leaks by using seco seals’ copper seals.