Lowriders and other cool car customizers have been placing mirrors under their hoods and in their engine compartments for years now, but no professional company has ever manufactured a mirror kit specifically to fill this need. Mirror Image in Santa Fe Springs, California, stepped up to the plate and developed a mirror kit that the average lowrider can install.

These kits are ‘”do it yourself” and are very easy to assemble. All Mirror Image pieces are professionally manufactured to particular vehicle specifications. The kits include all mirror pieces for the hood and trunk, plus silicone, masking tape, caulking gun and instructions. The installation of a Mirror Image kit does not damage existing paint, as they provide a silicone designed for the Plexiglas and metal bonding that’s required.

Using a Mirror Image mirror kit will help you show off all of the detail in your chromed-out engine compartment. These mirror kits add the finishing touch to any lowrider. Now follow along as we install this kit in less than a half-hour and, after two hours of drying time, we were ready to roll to the show.